Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

March 4 2013

Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

Luke 10:2 is a well-worn passage of Scripture we live and breathe daily at One Mission Society.  Jesus’ instruction to his disciples before launching them out was, 

The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.

Did you know that in the original language, the word ask means to beg or plead?  And the phrase to send out is the same original language Jesus used when he sent out the money changers from the temple in Matthew 21:12 and when he cast out a demon from a man in Luke 11:14.  In both cases, the casting out was done against their wills.

So, how is Jesus asking us to pray according to Luke 10:2?

If you look at the original language in the New Testament, Jesus is saying, “Beg me to kick out Christians into the mission field.  And if they’re wavering or hesitant, ask me to kick them out even if it means against their will.  There’s plenty of work to be done.”   

We pray that prayer earnestly each and every day as we mobilize others to take the Gospel to all parts of the world.  Keep in mind that we’re not asking OMS or the Mobilization department at our world headquarters to kick out Christians.  We’re asking The Lord of the Harvests to do that!  

Is God calling you to be a missionary? Is He kicking you into the mission field? Is He calling you to go, give, or pray for the harvest?

Check out OMS’ opportunities to serve, or contact mobilization to request information about how you can get involved.

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Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

November 30 2012

Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

While attending Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) in Wilmore, Kentucky, Chris and Heather did not know what their future held. They felt they were called to serve as missionaries, but with many organizations to choose from, how would they decide.

During the annual mission conference at ATS, Chris and Heather met Paul Cox, director of Mobilization for One Mission Society. After a wonderful conversation at the OMS booth, Paul invited them to OMS’ “explore your call to missions” event called OneWeekend, which happened to be taking place two weeks later.

Following those events, Paul and his wife, Dawn, stayed in touch with Chris and Heather, helping to answer many different questions regarding missionary life, serving in a foreign country and raising support.

When Chris and Heather visited OMS’ World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, on several occasions, Paul and Dawn invited them to their house for meals, prayer, coaching and encouragement. Paul and Dawn shared their experiences, including the joys and challenges of raising children in a foreign country.

After more than two years, Chris and Heather made their decision to come alongside OMS to work with Every Community for Christ, a ministry of OMS, to help saturate Antioquia, a province in Colombia, with the Gospel of Christ. They will also work with the national church in Colombia to help train, send and equip Colombian missionary candidates who are preparing to take the Gospel around the world.

Chris and Heather are not just another missionary couple, another employee or someone to fill an open slot, they are part of the large OMS family. From the time they met OMS at the mission conference until they get on the plane to go to Colombia, Paul and his team coach them, encourage them and walk with them step by step through the process of becoming a missionary.

Do you have a desire to see lost people come to know Christ? Would you like to work alongside OMS’ national church partners? Is there a desire to serve in a support role for these?

Maybe God is calling you to be a missionary. If you would like more information about OMS’ OneWeekend or information on how you can start down the road to becoming a missionary, please contact the Mobilization Department.

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