Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees … God’s Response to Barriers to the Spread of the Gospel

February 6 2014

Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees … God’s Response to Barriers to the Spread of the Gospel

Though missionaries go to a specific country or people to minister, they will share their faith and friendship with anyone who God brings into their lives. One Mission Society’s purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.God has brought our missionaries into contact with people from other countries that have few missionaries, where missionaries are not allowed, or where the people are resistant to the Gospel. 

The spread of the Gospel cannot be stopped, and he will find a way for people to hear. That’s how much God loves people! Could immigrants, migrants, and refugees be a way for the Lord to keep the Gospel moving?  By bringing people from one country to another, he has created the opportunity to hear the Good News and for seeds to be planted in either culture.

Here are examples from some of our OMS missionaries:  

Ecuador: Kathy ministered to Russian neighbors before they moved back to Russia.

South Korea: Susan serves with a ministry to migrant workers from Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and many other Asian countries that come to work in the many factories near Seoul. She also teaches English to refugees and Korean missionaries in training who are planning to serve in Asia and Latin America, and beyond, often to places where Western missionaries are not allowed to go. 

Ireland: Mick and Nora are involved in an English Bible study with Christian refugees from Myanmar. They also teach English at a community center for the Karen people, but the class has Polish, Russian, Ethiopian, and Lithuanian students as well. 

Spain: David, an Ecuadorian discipled by OMSers, felt called by God to move his family to Spain to minister to Ecuadorians and other Latinos who have immigrated there.

Europe (undisclosed): Nancy reaches out to the Muslim immigrants in Europe.

The Great Commission was given by Jesus before he returned to heaven. People have been actively participating in it, like the OMS missionaries mentioned above. What about you? Is God planting seeds in your heart to go to another culture and share the Good News?  Contact us today to begin your next step.


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