God's Miraculous, Healing Touch

November 20 2013

God's Miraculous, Healing Touch

Editor’s note: For some, this story and pictures (at the bottom) about a serious burn victim may be too graphic. We share it with those who can handle it as a testimony to God’s healing touch in Leo’s life. For the record, Leo is a woman. Her accident happened in Sept. She was restored wholly and completely less than one month later … a miracle!

I want to share my testimony with you.  On September 27, 2013, I suffered an accident in my home.  My face, neck, and arms were scalded when I fell on the stairs while carrying a large pot filled with boiling water.  First, I was taken to the local emergency room in El Escorial. They told me that I had second degree burns. They gave me pain medicine intravenously, checked me with an ultrasound, put electrodes on me to monitor my heart, and gave me a tetanus shot. All in all it was a dramatic experience, but God was taking care of me through the emergency room staff who treated me wonderfully and with great care. I remembered the verse that I had written down the day before on the door to my room, “All my longings lie open before you, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you” --Psalm 38:9, NIV.  I knew that God was aware of everything that was happening and that He was taking my suffering upon Himself.

Next, I was taken by ambulance to La Paz Hospital known for having the best burn treatment unit in Madrid.  There they began the first actual treatments of my wounds.  They removed all of the other apparatuses: the intravenous tubes, the electrodes, and the cold compresses that had previously been placed on me to alleviate the burns. They removed all of the damaged skin that they could, opened the blisters, and began to care for my wounds.  They also gave me instructions for home care. I was to stay inside my house, to take ibuprofen for the pain, to leave the bandages on my arm, to moisturize and keep the burns on my face clean, and to return to the hospital every week for treatment.

When I got home, I cried because I felt so alone. I couldn’t leave my house; I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do; I couldn’t be independent; I couldn’t attend to my work or my children; I felt powerless, because of the trauma, but I did not cry because of the pain because I hardly had any.  Neither did I cry about the possible side effects or scarring that I might have. For me, this was unusual, but I wasn’t concerned at all. I trusted that God was in control and that he had heard my sighing and my desire to be completely restored. He took away my worries and was carrying all my pain and anguish about how I might be physically affected.

At times, I was frustrated by the slowness of the healing process, but I give thanks again for your fervent prayers to God Almighty who has done a miraculous work.  Even though I have never been a beauty, I am happy to see my new skin and my face as it was before. I am thankful to God for this great miracle in my life, and I am sharing this to give testimony of the power of God who is alive and who works in marvelous ways in our lives.

Thank you to everyone because you have cried and suffered for me and with me, and thank you to God because He knows my longings and my sighing is not hidden from him, and neither is yours.

--Leo Martín, One Mission Society Church Planter in Spain





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