Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: the Experiences of a Dog-eating Man!

August 28 2013

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: the Experiences of a Dog-eating Man!

“It’s spicy duck,” my translator said. So, I took a few pieces of the dark meat in a rich sauce, rolled it in some rice, popped it in my mouth, and enjoyed every mouthful. Two days later, a fellow OMS worker asked, “How’d you like the stir-fried dog?

” My response was considered and careful. “Dog! No, it was duck … wasn’t it?” Well, whether it was lost in translation or not, my daily bread that meal was a little unusual but sufficient to see me through another day. That was my last day at an OMS Bible college in the South Pacific region. 

I spent two weeks teaching, preaching, and visiting OMS-related ministries in November 2012. What an experience! The opportunity to visit a Bible college and interact with eager students and godly lecturers challenged me more than I expected. I prayed, laughed, spoke, listened, and learned more than I taught. I heard about the life these national Christians have to lead in a religious, political, and social environment that is difficult, to say the least. 

So, what did I do and see during this visit to the South Pacific?

•Attended 12 lectures on missions, based on John 3:16 – the world needs to hear the Gospel!

•Witnessed 1 pastors’ training day, relearning that Christians all over the world face similar problems within church life and pastors generally bear the weight for their congregations (we need to pray for them).

•Participated in a college staff retreat, which offered an opportunity for busy and stressed workers to step aside and meet with God, share with each other, pray, talk, and be built up in their faith.

•Preached at two local OMS-related churches – what joy I experienced from these fellow believers, full of God’s love despite their difficulties.

•Visited an evangelism project where vegetable farming has led to witnessing within a farming community that has never heard the Gospel.

Visiting this OMS field to teach and preach gave me an opportunity to draw closer to 

God, to understand more of what OMS missionaries sacrifice, and to be reminded of the vastness of the task in which we are involved. 

I thank God for the opportunity to share, but even more so, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from those with whom I interacted. I can’t wait to return in October 2013.

―Chris Palmer, regional director for South Wales & West England UK    

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