Dedication to the Gospel

December 24 2012

Dedication to the Gospel

A nurse from an island nation in the Caribbean showed great dedication while she was trained to be a church planter. She had to overcome many obstacles just to get to the training session.

Since she has a job as a nurse, working the night shift, she had to find someone to work for her on a Friday night. Leaving around eight in the evening, she took the seven-hour train ride to the town where the training took place.

Arriving at the train station at three in the morning, she was nervous about getting off in that part of town. The train station was located in a poor section, and she was traveling by herself. She ran several blocks, as fast as she could, to the training center, knowing that the Lord would protect her.

She arrived at the training center soon after getting off the train. She slept for a couple of hours before having to arise for the training event.

This nurse then traveled on the overnight train back to her hometown, arriving in the middle of the night. She slept as long as she could before she needed to get up to attend her church, where she plays an active role.

She will repeat this weekend adventure every few weeks until she is trained to plant churches. She, however, will not wait until she has completed the training to start planting a church. As soon as she learns something, she puts this to good use.

Would you be willing to sponsor a training event such as this? For every $27 raised, another person can be trained to plant another church.

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