Can You Lend a Leg

June 11 2014

I heard what sounded like a stampede of elephants come up the stairs to my K-2 Sunday school classroom. A first grade boy, whom I had never met before looked at me proudly and said, “My name is Darren Lee Price!” I was so excited for new students that it took a while for Darren’s disability to sink in. Though he couldn’t hide it well, his personality was bigger than the fact that he was missing his right leg. Darren was held up by crutches attached to his arm, and he was not embarrassed at all to talk about the car accident he had been in. After his classmates understood that Darren was no different than they were, the rest of the hour went smoothly. Darren asked multiple questions about Jesus and the Bible, and later asked more questions during worship.

Everything had been going so well, until it was time for children’s church. I walked all of the children who had been sitting with me downstairs. Darren asked if I would stay with him. Though I normally say no to this, I thank God that I said yes this day. Our children’s church has a dedicated time for songs, and this week, “Father Abraham” was the song of choice. If you don’t know the song, let me help you out. It goes something like this:

Father Abraham had many sons.
And many sons had Father Abraham.
I am one of them, and so are you.
So let’s just praise the Lord! Right arm…
(Repeat but use left arm)

Maybe you can already see where this is going. Darren was smiling and laughing until we got to the right leg part. While the other children were swinging their right and left arms and right and left legs, Darren leaned over to me and said, “I don’t have a right leg.” What happened next was a God-thing. I swooped him up, put him on my lap, and I became his right leg. I became the extra support he needed to finish the song.

As I sat in OMS’ monthly prayer rally, I realized that our missionaries sometimes need our support, just like Darren needed mine that day. They may not need us to place them on our laps, but every missionary certainly needs to be placed in our prayers. And they all need our financial support. As I watched our new orientees (new OMS candidate missionaries) being prayed over this morning, I thought about how often the Bible calls us to encourage one another, to build each other up and to love one another.

Our missionaries are daily surrendering to God’s will and to his call on their lives. This is never an easy task, but it becomes much harder when comfort zones are stripped away. Just like with Darren, who needed support to keep going when the song became too difficult, how can you help our missionaries in their difficult tasks? Maybe you can support them financially as they raise funds. I’ve heard that even missionaries who’ve been serving many years are undersupported. Maybe you can support them by praying for them because prayers are so powerful. However you feel led, you help support them as they complete the work to which God has called them … to fulfill the Great Commission.

By Christina Franks, summer Communications intern

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