Blankets for South Asia

February 4 2013

Blankets for South Asia

With the average temperature for the year in the high 80s, only the very wealthy in South Asia have any kind of heating system. Most people in this poor country do not even have warm clothing.

So, when the temperatures fell recently into the 30s, many did not have any protection. Something as simple as a blanket would have protected families from this record-breaking cold. 

Without anything to help, more than 100 people already have died due to cold-related issues, such as respiratory problems and pneumonia.

Those who are able to stay inside and not go to work do so. But the street vendors and others who risk losing their jobs must brave the cold and try to make a living. 

For many years, One Mission Society has been providing blankets to people in this region when there is a cold spell. These blankets not only provide some much-needed warmth, they provide an evangelism tool for our local partners.

Each blanket, at a cost of only $3.30, can help a family of five battle against this cold weather. This would also be thousands more families to potentially be receptive to the Gospel message.

Our partner would like to hand out 15,000 blankets. This would allow many people to be warm enough throughout this cold spell. It would also show people in the community and community officials that Christians are here to help thus, opening the door for future evangelism.

Would you be willing to make a donation of $33 to provide 10 blankets? Would you like to help 50 more people in this cold weather in South Asia and provide the ability for them to come to know Jesus?

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