Billion.Global Makes Strategic Connection

April 3 2019

Why Billion.Global? Connections. Cooperation instead of competition. Even collaboration in God’s work resulting in greater impact and effectiveness.

Using social media creatively and strategically, a Billion.Global partner (“A”) is reaching into a country where access to the Gospel is critically low. Many people there are learning about Jesus for the first time and making decisions to follow him. The numbers given opportunity to do this, in the hundreds of thousands, are incredibly encouraging. But how do these people access God’s Word in their heart language, especially with so many of them being oral learners who prefer to hear the Word as opposed to reading it … living in a setting where printed copies of God’s Word are hard to find and dangerous to have?

Another Billion.Global partner (“B”) specializes in digital voice recordings of God’s Word. These are done in multiple languages, using native speakers of those languages. A voice recording of the entire Bible in the predominant language of the people being reached with the Gospel by “A” has been done by “B.”

It is strategic, kingdom-advancing, and eternally impactful to bring “A” and “B” together. Billion.Global has done just that. By downloading a digital Bible, access to God’s Word for seekers and new disciples is discreet and easy.

Connecting the dots … “A” now aware of and working with “B” for an eternal purpose … results in disciples being made and the Good News of Jesus Christ advancing! This is a part of God’s work through Billion.Global.

Editors note: Billion. Global is a passionate vision to give ONE BILLON people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ by the year 2026. It was conceived in the heart of OMS President, Bob Fetherlin.

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