Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

March 11 2013

Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

Up to 80 percent of people in Haiti can't read or write well enough to cope with daily life. Radio stations play a vital role in many aspects of life for the Haitian people, including the expansion of the Gospel.

Fifty-five years ago, One Mission Society realized the opportunities that partnering with Radio 4VEH could have. Soon after, OMS owned and operated this radio station in the north of Haiti.

In addition to the daily Bible readings, Christian music and preaching, Radio 4VEH’s daily announcements about the weather and health information have become a lifeline to the community.

During the earthquake of 2010, this lifeline was put to the test. Not knowing what was happening, many Haitians turned to Radio 4VEH to receive up-to-the-minute details, informing them what had occurred and how they should respond. Not only did the Haitians receive this practical information, they also were given the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only one who could truly save them.

Radio 4VEH was recently honored by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) by receiving the NRB International Radio Ministry Award. According to the NRB, this award is presented to an organization that excels in radio ministry while demonstrating effectiveness in impacting the culture with the Gospel.

Pre-tuned, solar powered radios are distributed free of charge throughout the listening area. Not only do these Haitians receive a radio that can broadcast Radio 4VEH, they receive a Gospel presentation, giving them a chance to receive the true lifeline, Jesus Christ. 

Would you like to see Radio 4VEH continue to help Haitians living in the northern part of the country receive the true lifeline? Become a monthly partner with this ministry or give a special gift today so that the broadcasts can continue to provide life-saving information.

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