Are You Ready to Be Changed?

March 4 2013

Are You Ready to Be Changed?

"I didn’t know what I was getting into …" Olivia said as she remembered her trip to Ecuador almost a year ago. She participated on a Mother-Daughter short-term mission trip with Dynamic Women in Missions, a ministry of OMS.

Eighteen women flew to Ecuador and then traveled by bus to Camp Pallatanga, which is tucked in a beautiful valley at the base of the Andes mountain range in Ecuador. It was in this beautiful location where we hosted “His Princess Bride” retreat for the women of Ecuador.

Those from the United States roomed with an Ecuadorian family, giving challenges to both sides. Although the language barrier did not allow for verbal communication, they were able show appreciation and joy to each other in different ways.

The team of women from the United States went to help facilitate this retreat and help those from Ecuador to feel special. What they did not realize is that their lives were going to be forever changed as well.

One of the team members, Barbara, said that this trip caused a revival in her heart. Before the trip, she had no desire to work on the mission field, but she is now exploring how God can continue to use her, whether just in the summers or full-time.

Are you someone who is ready to join other women on a life-changing trip? Do you want to use your gifts and talents to help people around the world for one week, two weeks or even more?

Join an OMS Dynamic Women or Men for Missions team. Be prepared to have a life-changing experience. God may just be calling you to be a missionary for the rest of your life!

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