A Mission Without Limits - a vision for OMS' future

November 5 2014

I learned about investing in the future from my grandfather. One day, he was planting an apple tree. I asked him, “Why are you planting this tree?” He knew the question behind the question. “Grandpa, you are 80 years old and will probably never see one of the apples!” My grandfather answered, “I am planting this for you, not for me.” My grandfather was a smart man to plan for the future.

When I think of the future of One Mission Society, I am reminded of my grandfather. What we do now is often done thinking toward the future more than the present. The burden and challenge is to prepare OMS to carry out Christ’s mission in the shifting population and global trends we face in the 21st century.

OMS will not compromise the message of the cross or the message of heart purity resulting in a holy lifestyle. The last century’s challenge was the Gospel’s contextualization in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Our new challenge is keeping the preaching of the cross central, while allowing the Gospel to be African, Latin American, European and Asian.

The Global South will be the largest potential missionary force the world has ever seen. Our entire organization must be flexible and strategically structured when we face this challenge. The Gospel will not change; the goals will not change; but our methods, recruitment, and organizational structure must.

There are no limits to OMS’ future. We are making changes that will allow the next generation to have an effective witness and partnership with our national churches for the final harvest. People of every culture and nation can embrace and serve in the ministry of OMS because it is based not in one culture or country but in the Scriptures.

The future ministry of One Mission Society has no limits.

--Edward W. Williamson, One Mission Society Board of Trustees Chairperson

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