The Shirt Off Her Back

September 21 2012

The Shirt Off Her Back

By Helen Nave, OMS Dynamic Women in Missions short-term team member

When I received the pamphlet announcing the (Dynamic Women) Princess Bride mission trip, I felt God tugging at my heart, telling me, “This is it, Helen; this is for you and Joy. Go!” Next, I spoke to my husband about it, and he supported the idea completely. I felt called to go to Ecuador and share what God had taught me in my life, hoping that it would strengthen and help others. I felt called to love the Ecuadorian ladies and their daughters in any way I could, not expecting anything in return.

After sharing in session one, I was standing with several ladies outside in the beautiful mountain air at the base of the Andes, as one of ladies recounted with another exactly what I had shared in my speech. She hadn’t missed a word. Later that day, during the spa, as I curled one lady’s hair, my new friend sat nearby waiting her turn to get her hair done too. Amidst the busy spa atmosphere I complimented her on her shirt. Since I was holding a curling iron, I became the ringlet maker. 

The afternoon flew by and soon I was leaping into my waitress clothes to help with serving the banquet dinner, and helping to photograph the grandmother/mother/daughter groups. Soon, the Ecuadorians started arriving, anticipating this special evening of celebration with their daughters. What happened next caught me totally by surprise. One of the ladies handed me a plastic bag. I looked inside only to find the shirt that I had praised that afternoon! She had given me her shirt! This is the most dramatic way that I was touched by the graciousness of the Ecuadorian women, but there were other moments too; like the time when I shared a few moments with two friends, one of whom was praying for the other. I’ll never forget her comforting voice as she repeated many times through the prayer, “In Jesus’ name.” Another time was when one of the Ecuadorians gathered our team together, to give us a formal “thank you” for coming to Ecuador and ministering to her. It is amazing how close we and the Ecuadorian women all became, sharing and praying together about what really mattered. I thank God for blessing me so greatly on this mission trip! 

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