Obedience: God’s Justice & Restoration

July 17 2012

Obedience: God’s Justice & Restoration

Obedience is a difficult task to follow. It is how God shows His unfailing love, as noted in 2 John :6, “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.” (NIV) Christ calls us to obey Him in love by showing others His love.

Obedience is what called York, Pennsylvania, native and Houghton College graduate, Emily Rinehart, to the Philippines. Emily is a One Mission Society missionary, working with HOPE61 (OMS’ anti-human trafficking ministry). Emily leaves for the Philippines July 30, and she is excited to follow God in obedience.

OMS asked Emily, “What made you want to become an OMS missionary with HOPE61?” She responded, “God put the issue of justice on my heart when I was in college.” Emily realized that God’s view of justice was very different from our own definition. She said, “God’s view of justice is restoration rather than punishment.” God revealed to Emily in a prayer that He wanted her close to His heart. Emily states, “God said, “I really love you. I want you to follow me. I want you close to My heart and My heart is for justice."

Emily’s acceptance of God’s will on her life was revealed when she attended One Weekend at OMS. She said, “I remember Dawn Cox saying, “It’s really to Himself that God calls you to, rather than a geographical place or people group.” Emily was amazed by God’s deep love for her and His will for her life.

Fear attempts to entangle those close to God. Emily shares how God is erasing her fears, “God holds our lives in His hands. He reminds me that He’s in control. I am to be joyful.” Emily use to feel guilty after learning about anti-human trafficking, as if she should not be happy or having fun. Yet, she realized, “If I don’t enjoy life, bear joy, give praise to God or live freely, then what is the point of all of those blessings?” She realized, yes, human trafficking is horribly oppressive, but if she let it keep her down, then how could she lift others up to see hope? Joy is why there is hope for the broken.

Emily keeps Hosea 2:1 close to her heart, “Say to your brethren, ‘My people,’ and to your sisters, ‘Mercy is shown.’ (NKJV) The trafficked and abused are our brothers and sisters. Emily states, “I realized that God wants to give them mercy now, here on earth.”

So how can you help Emily? Pray that she will have cultural understanding of the Filipino culture. Emily also asks for this, “Pray that I will remember to safeguard my heart and find my rest in God.” You can support Emily Rinehart by clicking here. Also, follow Emily’s journey by clicking here.


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