He Can Use Me

September 14 2012

He Can Use Me

By Gail O’Connor, OMS volunteer

When my granddaughter and I signed up for the Ecuador trip, we got a list of the different jobs we could volunteer for. There were several opportunities to give a message or testimony to the Ecuadorians.

I’ve always enjoyed Bible teaching. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I spoke often at camps, retreats, and banquets, especially to women. Looking back, I realize how naïve I was and what pat answers I had. I didn’t have a clue! After going through some tragic family events for several years, I finally had something worth saying, but the opportunities were no longer there.

A few weeks before the Ecuador trip, as I was driving home, the Lord seemed to give me a salvation message that I felt was perfect for the Ecuadorian women and girls I wrote it out and sent it to Pat and Kim, our leaders, to ask what they thought.

In Ecuador, I had two opportunities to speak and give the plan of salvation. At the Pallatanga retreat, one woman accepted Christ and many more came forward to pray. Again at the church in Guayaquil, many came to the altar after testimonies from our teens and my message. After the trip was over, we received news that at least 14 women had come to know Christ during that Mother-Daughter Tea. My heart was filled with so much joy I could hardly contain it. I felt that God was reaffirming that He could use me to bring souls into His kingdom.