From Mud Huts to Church Planters

January 7 2013

From Mud Huts to Church Planters

Silas and Rahab Waweru both grew up in mud huts in the heart of Kenya, not having much as they were growing up. After much hard work, they were able to go to college and earn degrees as teachers. Soon they both had jobs as teachers in Kenya.

Even though Silas and Rahab were discouraged by their families and friends to quit their good jobs as teachers, they both felt God calling them to go to seminary. How could they give up the security of a good paying job and go into a career that provided little security, as least humanly speaking?

This time did not come without struggle, but they realized that God was their only security. He provided for their physical needs at just the needed time and provided the emotional support as well, as three of their four children died.

God eventually provided Silas and Rahab the opportunity to come to the United States so they could attend Asbury Theological Seminary. Silas received a Ph.D. in intercultural studies, while Rahab earned a bachelor of science degree in management and ethics.

This is where they learned about and became a part of One Mission Society. Today they serve OMS in Kenya, supervising the Village Church Planting program there, as well as helping in theological training of indigenous leaders working in various compassionate ministries.

By answering the call to give up their “security,” Silas and Rahab are able to do amazing things for God in their home country of Kenya. They have been given many opportunities to come to the United States and experience a different life. However, their heart and ministry is still in Kenya with the Kenyan people.

As they rely on God for all of their needs, is God asking to you come alongside these church planters and financially help with their work? If so, please give to their ministry, allowing more Kenyans to come to know Jesus.


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