A God Moment on a Short-term Trip

August 6 2013

A God Moment on a Short-term Trip

I fall in love with Haiti more and more each time I fly into that beautiful, mountainous country. This year, was my third consecutive summer traveling to Haiti on a short-term mission trip. I was thrilled to change things up this summer as I went with OMS to distribute solar radios and share the Gospel (my previous two summers I served in an orphanage).

The radios we passed out connect to OMS' Radio 4VEH, a Christian radio station in Cap Haitien. The radios also include an audio Bible in Haitian Creole. We went from home to home with our translator, ready to share the Gospel and give the gift of a radio as a growing tool. My prayer was that God would give me the words to say to the beautiful people I was sharing the Good News with. Although it was a challenging experience, it was so rewarding. Many came to know the Lord because God was working through us.

Sharing the Gospel in Haiti left me feeling convicted. It occurred to me that I had been preparing to share the Gospel in Haiti for weeks, praying that God would give me the words to say. I became more active in my prayer life and made sure I was in the Word for my mission trip. But...why don't I do that at home in the States? Why is it easy for me to share the Gospel in Haiti, but not in my own country? Telling others about Jesus isn't limited to a mission trip. Sharing the Gospel in Haiti left me with an urgency to share the news of our Savior, and since then, I have had the opportunity to share with one of my coworkers. 

My second prayer for my Haiti 2013 trip was that I would truly feel God's presence. 

Our team traveled to Mirebalias, another city in Haiti, to distribute more radios. What was originally estimated at 4 hours quickly turned into 11 due to flooded rivers, road conditions, and a broken bridge. When we approached the broken bridge, we knew it was going to take awhile to figure out our options, so our team climbed out of the cattle truck and engaged with all the Haitians that had gathered to see us. We played with the kids, and our team leader preached the Gospel.

Shortly before leaving, a little girl's dress caught my eye. I nudged the other girls to look at her dress, not even noticing the little girl's face. When I did, I couldn't believe it was Louisiana- the 8-month-old baby I had fallen in love with on my Haiti trip in 2011. I have prayed for her since that time. Now, almost 3 years old, I got to talk with her caretaker and explain how I knew her. I cried as we left that broken bridge. It was a total God thing -- I have never felt His presence like that. How amazing, that this 11-hour trip, which seemed to be going all wrong, was perfectly orchestrated by God. He had a plan! He answered my prayers.

--Short-term missionary, Emily Loy 

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