I know what the Bible says because I listen to Radio 4VEH

June 30 2015

In the 1960s, the team at Radio 4VEH, One Mission Society’s radio ministry in Haiti, realized that most people across Haiti did not have a radio receiver to listen to Radio 4VEH. So, they began the ministry’s first distribution campaign of radios fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH. About 2,000 radios were assembled by a team of engineers and given out to communities, sharing the message of Jesus and reinforcing community development.

Communities would listen to the radio together; in many villages, coming around the radio to listen to a church service was the first time they had church in those villages, and many churches were planted as a result. But these bulky units needed frequent battery replacement. Today, as part of the Resounding Hope initiative, we give out solar-powered radios (now also with audio Bible in Haitian Creole) as part of evangelism and outreach alongside local churches, connecting families in need with daily hope and help from Radio 4VEH.

Did you know:

  • 4 in 5 people in Haiti live in poverty, surviving on less than $2 a day?
  • 4 in 5 adults in Haiti cannot read or write well enough to cope with daily life?

Many Haitians live without reliable electricity and can’t afford to buy a radio or replace batteries. That’s why we give out solar-powered, hand-held radios fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH, with an audio New Testament in Haiti’s mother tongue, Haitian Creole. Each radio reaches about six people every day with a message of hope and help.

“I’m 65 years old. I can’t even write my name. But I know what the Bible says because I listen to it on Radio 4VEH”

Radio 4VEH has been serving God and the Haitian people since 1950; we celebrated our 65th anniversary on June 2.

How to help:

1. One of the best ways to reach, teach, and serve the people of Haiti is as a monthly donor to Radio 4VEH. Monthly donors provide steady, reliable funds that help take care of regular expenses to produce and broadcast radio programs that make a lasting difference in listeners’ lives. Your support every month will transform lives, one listener at a time.

A monthly gift of $25 will sponsor a 30-minute radio program. Become a 4VEH monthly donor today by clicking here for #469960.

2. We’re at a critical time of year at Radio 4VEH, when donations are often well below regular monthly expenses. Your partnership is urgently needed to help raise $54,000 this summer so that life-transforming radio programs continue to reach people with the Gospel. Would you pray and consider how you can help? Make your donation today at: https://onemissionsociety.org/give/radio-4veh.

trategic prayer requests:

Equipment is a constant challenge at Radio 4VEH. From generators that provide electricity every day to internet service that allows us to reach Haitians online, from computers that record and broadcast programs to the air-conditioning in the building that keeps people and equipment functioning when it’s 100 degrees outside. Please pray for the Lord’s hand on our equipment, for those who maintain and fix the equipment when parts are not easily available, and for funds needed to replace critical equipment this year (computers, air conditioning).

Staff: Many of our staff serve as pastors and lay-leaders of their local churches and outreach ministries, in addition to their roles at Radio 4VEH. Please pray for the Lord to bless them, their families, churches and ministries, and to strengthen and encourage them in their daily roles at Radio 4VEH.

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