Stories of Global Impact: Meet Yuri

May 3 2019

Yuri first heard the Gospel at age 20 when someone gave him a Gideon’s pocket-size New Testament. Not long after that, he was drafted into the Army but soon got into trouble for being absent without leave and was thrown in the brig. It was in these hard days that Yuri recalled the Gospel message and repented! Yuri shares, “Imagine, they released me the very next morning ‘due to amnesty’ they said, but I still wonder whether this was a pure coincidence or a true answer to my prayer!”

Yuri then left the military, returned home, and joined a church. He asked his pastor so many questions that the pastor sent Yuri off to Bible college. It was there that he met his future wife (they are now married and have four beautiful children together). After Bible college, he returned home with his bride. Their pastor encouraged them to put their new education to use and plant a church.

So, they planted a church!

The church grew quickly as they strongly emphasized evangelism. He soon had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with his Mom, Dad, and many friends, who all accepted Christ and Yuri baptized each one himself (see the photo of Yuri baptizing his mom).

When his church association elected Yuri as bishop, he decided to enroll at Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary (MECS) for his master of divinity degree. Today, he loves learning and being challenged to grow in his faith.

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