​A Prayer of Appreciation From a Literacy Student

May 8 2018

Mwavita Nabindu, a literacy student in one of the Bridge to Reading centers near Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo, has been attending a B2R literacy class for less than three months. Yet, she is advancing well in acquiring the ability to read and write. Mwavita hopes to eventually be able to read the Bible fluently. The prayer she offered during the International Literacy Day celebration in Uvira reflects the powerful impact of the Bridge to Reading ministry felt by our learners:

“Lord God, we thank you, we understand now that you are good to everyone and you care for everyone.

“We have lived in darkness all our lives up to this day. We have been humiliated, scorned, and insulted publicly. We have not been treated like those who are literate and had no right to respond because we were limited.

“But now, today, you have begun to put an end to all that. We have begun to read and write, we are becoming like others. Bless and equip all the teachers who are being trained now and who will continue to teach us to take us all out of this situation. In the name of Christ, Amen.”

Pray for literacy students like Mwavita and others, that they persist and achieve their goal of being fluent Bible readers.

Your giving will go a long way toward providing resources for learners such as primers, books, and pencils, as well as for tutoring resources such as chalk and chalkboards for our learning centers.

Bridge to Reading literacy ministry is also a powerful evangelism tool that God is using to help many learn to read the Bible.

A gift of $50 will provide a chalkboard and school supplies for a group of literacy learners.

A gift of $20 will provide literacy primers and will enable one person to learn to read the Bible.

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