Village Church Planting - The Method Explained

September 24 2015

by Aaron Taylor

Our previous post introduced you to the church planting method that has hit Africa by storm, creating many worshiping communities and bringing many people to Christ. Now let's really look at what makes Village Church Planting (VCP) such a powerful method.

12 Multiplication Principles

All of the methods used by Every Community for Christ (ECC) utilize 12 biblically-based multiplication principles. The principles are:

  • Fervent Prayer
  • Abundant Gospel Sowing
  • Intentional Church Planting
  • Scriptural Authority
  • Equip Local Leadership
  • Mobilization of Lay Leaders
  • Cell Church, House Church, Village Church
  • Churches Planting Churches
  • Church Reproduction Without Delay
  • Healthy Churches
  • Immediate Incorporation of New Believers into the Life and Ministry of the Church
  • Active Training While in Ministry

While all of these principles are found within the method, VCP emphasizes the areas of equipping local leadership; establishing cell, house, and village churches; church reproduction without delay; and immediate incorporation of new believers into the life and ministry of the church.

Village Church Planting (VCP) is a focused process to plant churches in the unreached villages of Africa with a trained-in ministry philosophy. Through this outreach, hundreds of Africans are coming to know the Lord each day and multiple churches are being planted daily across the continent.

VCP Vision Statement

The VCP program aims to plant spiritually maturing churches in every African village.

VCP Mission Statement

The VCP program seeks to facilitate the planting of spiritually maturing churches in all unreached African villages by mobilizing the body of Christ to train indigenous church planter pastors to start church planting movements.

The Process

This method begins by appointing a coordinator with proper training within a village in Africa and continues by eventually instructing indigenous churches to go and plant multiple churches, and to appoint and train pastors for these churches.

There are three steps, or levels, in the VCP process:

  • Level 1: Appoint a VCP Coordinator to supervise the work in a region or country.
  • Level 2: Establish training centers in market towns surrounded by unreached villages.
  • Level 3: Train bivocational pastoral workers who come to the training centers from the surrounding villages, and who plant churches that multiply in other villages.

Therefore, as you can see, the program has a built-in support system where new church plants are nurtured by older, more experienced church planters. Entire villages are taught sustaining practices by their coordinators through the imperishable life that comes from the ultimate source, Jesus Christ.

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