Off to India!

March 4 2013

Off to India!

Greetings from Middlefield! The air is cold and the gray sky punctuates the stark landscape as I gaze out the window. Nevertheless, sap buckets are hanging on the maple trees and daffodils are pushing up out of the cold earth. As it does every year, spring is knocking at the door! I pruned the grape vines and cleaned the asparagus patch in anticipation of new and fruitful growth. 

Sometimes God works the same way. He allows us to face restlessness, frustration, confusion and even failure, so that his purposes might be advanced in our lives. He “trims” our vine so that we will seek his face with a single minded focus. When we finally put Jesus at the center of things, we invite his energy (i.e., the Holy Spirit!) to work in new ways. 

I need that right now as Glenda and I anticipate our departure for India. I would be foolish to go into a cross-cultural ministry without a dependency upon God and the spiritual equipping that he provides. We are sent to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything that Christ commands us. Nevertheless, our enemy does not sit idly by. He yields his turf, and the ones he holds captive, very reluctantly, and not without a fight. But victory belongs to Jesus. He has already bound the “strong man” (Mark 3:27) and defeated Satan through his death and resurrection. Through your intercession we anticipate kingdom advances “as you help us by your prayers” (2 Cor.1:11). Would you please lift us up daily before the throne of grace? Thank you! 

Our 3 week journey will take us to Delhi, Bhopal, Bangalore and Chennai. We will invest ourselves in the training of leaders who are planting new churches and helping others to do the same. We call this church multiplication, and it is happening in hundreds of villages and communities throughout India! We will teach, coach, encourage, exhort, visit, and celebrate the works of God. 

Blessings in Christ, Roger & Glenda Kruse

Roger & Glenda obeyed the call to GO! Who else will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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