Hello Again!

March 14 2013

Hello Again!

Let me introduce you to 3 of our ECC church planters. We are in awe of what they are accomplishing for the kingdom of God!

Of the 64 who participated in the training, two were women. Narinder, is around 45 years old, and has been a widow for nearly 10 years. She lives in the village of Kaler, in the state of Punjab. She has started up 2 house churches and is training two others to reach 2 more villages. Kashmiro is somewhat younger than Narinder, but has also been used by God to plant one church group. Fifty people meet weekly in her home for worship. Kashmiro, from a Sikh background, was wonderfully healed of an emotional/mental condition 6 years ago. Now she is known as a prayer warrior with a great burden to serve the Lord. 

Whatever she learns she applies immediately. Glenda and I challenged Kashmiro to pursue regular meetings with a person of peace in the neighboring village. She will pray for needs, share Bible stories, and has a goal of starting a house church there by June. Both ladies hear Bible stories from their T&M trainer and then pass them on to their people. We encouraged them to keep in touch weekly by phone along with monthly visits to pray together and celebrate what God is doing! They live 30 km away from each other.

We also spoke with Ujjwal Sardar, a 40 year old man from the Sunderban Islands, in West Bengal, near Bangladesh. He loves to write and sing songs that tell stories of God’s grace. He does so with great emotion and dramatic gestures. He was a farmer who was earning only $3 dollars a day and trying to support his wife and 3 children. His father got very sick and the family was desperately seeking help from the Hindu gods as well as medical people. 

Nothing changed. 

It was as that time that he met our ECC team leader Patra, who shared with him the Good News of Christ. Ujjwal began to anoint his father with oil and pray for healing in Jesus’ name. His father improved dramatically. As a result, Ujjwal and his family grew strong in faith and he began sharing his faith story with others. However, one day while doing ministry, his son called him to say that someone had set their house on fire! Ujjwal quickly turned to God in prayer asking for divine intervention. Within ½ hour his son called back to say a sudden rain storm had put out the fire and the house was not destroyed! Since then, the arsonist has asked forgiveness and begun attending the house church started in the village.

Much to our amazement, Ujjwal is teaching the T&M strategy to 15 pastoral workers who are each establishing house churches on 5 different islands. Many have become followers of Jesus and in April, 500 new believers from ECC outreach around the islands will be baptized! When we asked Ujjwal, “Why such abundant fruit?” He replied, “Continuous prayer.”

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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