Saci Seeks Jesus at English Camp in Hungary

August 23 2019

All week, it had been difficult to get the group to talk. They weren’t connecting well with each other or with the topics at camp. One girl, Saci,* had especially closed herself off from the group, sitting guarded with her arms crossed and seemingly disinterested in sharing, even though she spoke great English. I wondered if she even wanted to be there.

As the week progressed, she remained uninterested, though she showed a little more warmth by Thursday evening. On Friday night, we had a local pastor come in and share his testimony. In the conversation group following, we give the kids an opportunity to respond. We decided to split our group into boys and girls, in hopes that this would make them more comfortable in opening up.

We sat with our chairs in a circle. Saci sat a bit away with her arms crossed. I shared my testimony and why I had come to camp and then asked the girls what they thought of God. After a few minutes of sharing opinions on faith and life struggles, Saci began to cry—a reaction that spread to the other girls. She asked us, “Am I the only one that doesn’t want camp to end?”

I was so surprised. She shared with us that last year was her first camp and that both then and now she had noticed how everyone was so happy, joyful, and nice and that maybe she needed some of this Jesus in her life. She wasn’t ready to make a decision, but she began to understand why she needed Jesus.

By the end of the group session, Saci had pulled her chair into our circle, and I was able to pray with the group and later with her one-on-one. The camp is done, but our communication is not. As we continue our conversation as pen pals, I look forward to helping her along her faith journey, and I am thankful for the journey that God took me on that week as well.

~OMS Hungary Missionary

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*Name withheld for privacy.

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​Youth Are the Future

January 25 2016

When I was first introduced to One Mission Society as a youth in 1996 at a Summer English Camp in Hungary, my life changed forever. After camp, missionaries invested in my life, and a major transformation took place that led to a commitment to fulltime service to God through youth ministries.

During my university work in youth ministries education, the topic of “Youth Are the Future” was discussed in many of my courses. While the statement is correct, it only points us in one direction. It only looks ahead at what can come of the youth in a few years. However, the youth are here today. They surround us, and many are ready or nearly ready to lead today.

We are passionate about young people. We pray and work hard to see them transformed through the work of God in their lives. The last couple of months, we have talked with various young people about their spiritual vital signs, and we have been pleased to see great potential in today’s young people in Hungary. Now, we know the situation is not that simple. It is far more complicated than that.

For this reason, we are excited about the Transformational Ministry Center opening. Not only will this center be available for many youth outreach events and activities, it will be a place where we can invest in those who have the greatest impact on the youth—youth leaders! We will be able to invest into current Hungarian youth leaders who desperately need a place of learning both theoretical and practical skills in how to do ministry with young people in a culture that struggles to truly value its own youth.

In recent discussions with Hungarian pastors, I have come to see the terrain that is in front of us. We need a place for the various Hungarian Christian leaders to gather together and learn from one another on a regular basis. We need to provide an environment of common learning, collaboration, and a place where we can love one another as Christ instructed us. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:34-35 ESV). If we imitate Christ in this manner at the Transformational Ministry Center, we have the opportunity to claim that: Youth Are the Future. These young people will be transformed through unity in God and with their fellow Christian brothers and sisters to go to battle for this generation of youth and the following ones. However, it starts today. It starts now. It starts with us!

By Viktor Rozsa, One Mission Society Missionary in Hungary

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