​No Small Thing

July 6 2017

“Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith. . . Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful” ~Heb. 10: 22a, 23.

As the first year of our 10-year vision is coming to an end, we praise God for his faithfulness. A goal to see at least one billion men and women gain the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ is no small vision. It is a vision that requires bold and unwavering faith; it is a vision that requires action.

We live in a society that is content to let things be, to not cause problems, and be tolerant. With the magnitude of distractions that are thrown our way every day, maintaining a firm faith that does not waver is no small challenge. Being an intentional witness can become a challenge for many Christians because of the numerous distractions we find ourselves facing and the rejection we fear we will receive from the few people who do seem to listen. But the answer is not to remain silent, the answer is to pick up our swords and fight for this vision.

One billion people will not hear about the Gospel if we settle for being content.

In spite of the difficult and testing circumstances that we know will be encountered, because we have an enemy who doesn't want our vision accomplished, I pray that we continue to be people of unwavering faith. The enemy wants our vision to fail, but we have a God who is far more powerful than any enemy who wants the Billion.Global Vision to succeed. Prayer is powerful, and prayer is key to achieving the vision of reaching at least one billion people by the year 2026.

Will you join us in prayer for this visions' success and growth?

By Bob Fetherlin, President of One Mission Society

Go to Billion.Global to become a part of the movement or to sign up to receive monthly prayer updates.

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Vision FAQs

November 13 2015

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ 1: Does this mean OMS is aiming to see one billion people make decisions for Christ over a 10-year period?

No. While this would be wonderful, it is not the intended objective. Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” If one billion people are given the opportunity to understand and respond, the number who actually decide through repentance and saving faith to become followers of Jesus will be sadly much less. Our goal is to give one billion people the opportunity to hear and understand the Good News.

FAQ 2: Is this going to change our OMS mission statement, making evangelism our primary focus instead of discipleship?

No. In the Great Commission, evangelism and discipleship are intimately linked. One does not stand on its own without the other. The intent, therefore, is to keep the OMS mission statement as is. OMS missionaries are called to be involved in both proclaiming the Good News and in making disciples. We are also called to raise up and train others to be involved, which reflects the God-given vision of our founder Charles Cowman and his strategy of equipping the sons and daughters of a nation to reach their own people. This was exemplified in OMS’ God-sized vision in the early 1900s with the Great Village Campaign in Japan. During this six-year campaign, OMS reached out to every home in Japan with the Word of God, and thousands made decisions for Christ.

FAQ 3: How will the one billion opportunities be counted?

This represents a huge challenge, especially when working with many global partners who value metrics differently. We are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in our efforts to establish good metrics to track progress toward the one billion. This question must be, and will be, answered with clarity.

FAQ 4: Is this going to be a uniquely OMS effort?

No. OMS is small compared to this big vision. It will take much more in the way of human and financial resources than what OMS has. It will take God’s power at work (Zechariah 4:6). The engagement of many OMS partner churches around the globe will be needed. There will also be a need for other alliances and partnerships.

FAQ 5: When does the 10-year clock start ticking?

Much in the way of strategic preparation is already underway. OMS leaders are asking God to enable a global impact that’s completely disproportionate to who OMS is, all for his glory. The 10-year period in which we’re trusting him to fulfill this vision, and during which we’ll use helpful metrics to measure progress toward the one billion, begins July 1, 2016.

FAQ 6: What are some of the greatest threats to this vision being carried out?

Pride – This must be all about Christ, not about us.

Prayerlessness – Without it, we fail to be what he desires and to accomplish what honors him.

Poor discipleship – An intentional journey of discipleship within a Christ-centered community of faith is an absolute, biblical necessity to which OMS is deeply committed.

FAQ 7: How would OMS leaders respond to the criticism, “Given the size of OMS and its resources, and all the opposition that will come, this vision is completely unreasonable”?

In light of who God is, the promises he has made to those who love and obey him, and the mission he has given to his church, we are prepared to face criticism and opposition. Spiritual warfare will be involved as we call people from darkness to the light of Christ. We know he is, and will be, with us. The pursuit of this vision, which we believe he has given, will be a test of our joyful confidence in him.

FAQ 8: What if we fail?

We know we will unless God is intimately and powerfully involved. What’s of greater value: to pursue a vision that’s aligned with our resources and can be carried out in our finite wisdom and strength, or to pursue a God-sized vision that aligns with his heart and can only be carried out if he’s in it? Moving from pessimism to optimism, what if we succeed? Thinking about this leads to passionate expectation!

FAQ 9: Where does intercession fit into all of this?

Because of its vital importance in the work of God, prayer will be the first and primary work in the pursuit of this vision. Prayerlessness will lead to certain failure, to a carnal effort instead of a Spirit-empowered one. That’s why it’s essential that we stop, drop, and pray daily for God’s help in this.

FAQ 10: What is Stop, Drop, and Pray all about?

We’re asking each of you to take some time every day to stop what you are doing, drop into an attitude of prayer … or physically to your knees, if you choose … and pray that God will enable the opportunities to share the Gospel with one billion people in the next 10 years.

FAQ 11: How do I get information from OMS to pray specifically for this vision and the ministry of One Mission Society?

Go to www.onemissionsociety.org/1billion to sign up for a short monthly prayer update . . . with the assurance that extraneous, unsolicited emails will not be sent. Rather, the purpose of the monthly prayer emails is to fuel intercession for this effort.

FAQ 12: What can I do now to help? Pray …

That we would be enthralled with God, not with a vision.

That we would daily put to death all that is of self and the flesh so that Christ can be exalted through us, so that we’re living for him and in him.

That God would give supernatural favor as potential partners are approached about being involved in carrying out this vision.

That God would amazingly provide the needed people and finances to do this.

That this vision would be fulfilled for the honor and glory of Christ! “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

One Mission Society PO Box A Greenwood IN 46142 317.888.3333 www.onemissionsociety.org

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​No Lone Ranger Cowboys in Hungary

January 7 2016

A few weeks ago, our church (located in the panhandle of Florida) sent a team of 8 men to Budapest, Hungary, to be a part of what God is doing through the One Mission Society Hungary team. Together, we spent sweat, blood, and forints (Hungarian currency).

Most of our energy went into demolition (the first step of renovation!) of a building the team is preparing as a multi-use ministry space. We worked hard alongside the OMS Hungary team, but the work was secondary.

Over the course of our week, we experienced radical hospitality. We felt the loving acceptance of our Lord through the over-the-top hospitality of the OMS Hungary team.

We saw a team with highly refined skills and strategic vision. Every member of the team told us stories about where God is going in Hungary and how they fit into the kingdom plan. The Hungary team is poised to move forward in power, everyone using their skills in service of a singular strategic vision.

We felt love, and we saw unity. The One Mission Society Hungary team recognizes each member’s individual personality and skill set, and they take advantage of their diversity to reach more people for Christ! Different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. OMS Hungary is not a group of loosely associated cowboys and one-woman-shows; they are truly a team!

We were blessed to be a part of their team for the week. We felt like family. We were impressed by their skill and vision. And we expect to see more great things in Hungary as the team continues to follow the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to seeing some of this progress through update letters and photos; and, God willing, we expect to see some of it in person. God used the Hungary team to build something special among our Crosspoint men. We don’t take that lightly, and we hope our partnership only grows deeper over time.


Tyler Fuller
Missions Pastor


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An Example for the Believers

November 10 2015

Sitting around a dining room table with cups of tea, walking along the Dnieper River, or going on a retreat at a camp outside Kiev, young Ukrainian believers are learning to minister to one another as they grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Each week, they meet together in homes for Life Groups to encourage one another in Christ. They take turns sharing responsibilities, preparing ice breakers, leading Bible studies, selecting songs, and praying for one another.

Everyone has busy schedules with either university studies or full time jobs. Finding ways to equip these young believers with knowledge and skills for ministry is a creative adventure in theological education, working in partnership with the OMS missionary team in Ukraine. Just as the Ukrainian believers follow the early church model of house churches, we are following the example of Paul’s methods for leadership training and discipleship. Paul wrote letters to teach and to encourage the new believers. We are also writing. Rather than letters, we are developing a series of lessons that give biblical answers to questions such as: “What will happen at the end of time?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What is worship?” “What is sin?”

Paul traveled and made personal visits to encourage new believers. In October, I had the privilege of making my third trip to Ukraine to share in a weekend retreat. I was asked to teach about developing our friendship with God through the practice of spiritual disciplines and to lead a discussion on what it means to be community in Christ. Each time I return, there is a deepening bond of trust. We discuss joys, questions, and concerns over cups of tea. This is the life-on-life model of theological education that Jesus modeled with his disciples.

These young believers represent the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives through their personal testimonies and outreach to others. They represent the hope of things to come as the kingdom of God extends across Ukraine. As Paul encouraged Timothy, let’s pray that they will receive and live out these same words of encouragement: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (I Timothy 4:12, NIV).

By Colleen Fitch, One Mission Society Missionary and Theological Education Consultant for Europe

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Maos Ajudando or Helping Hands Ministry in Mozambique

July 10 2015

Can you imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t go to school; if you couldn’t work; if every time you left the house you heard people talking about you in a negative way? You had no value in life. This is the reality for thousands of people in Mozambique who live every day with the reality of a disability. What would Jesus do? How would he treat these people? Would he just walk on by or would he reach out to help? In Mark’s Gospel, chapter 2, we read of a man who had a physical disability. Jesus was teaching in a home and there was a great crowd gathering to hear him. That day, some men decided to go to their friend’s house, put him on a stretcher, and take him to Jesus. He could not go by himself. He was completely dependent.

The crowd didn’t show any care for this man who couldn’t walk. They wouldn’t let them through, and so, the friends of the paralytic resorted to going onto the roof, making a hole, and lowering him to the feet of Jesus! Jesus healed him both physically and spiritually. What if on that day the men decided it was easier to just go and hear Jesus themselves and not take their friend? The paralytic’s life would have been very different. These men saw GREAT NEED, exercised GREAT FAITH in the GREAT POWER and AUTHORITY of Jesus! What a GREAT DIFFERENCE it made! As followers of Jesus, we are called to reach out to those who need a helping hand, just like the paralytic in Jesus’ time. We desire to disciple and mobilize believers to be “Helping Hands” in their communities.

One man’s story who received help from the Helping Hands ministry:

As a teenager, I decided with some friends to flee Mozambique in search of a better life in South Africa. We smuggled ourselves across the border and started to look for ways to survive. Time passed until one day, while crossing the road, I tripped and bruised my leg. As an illegal immigrant, I was afraid to go to the hospital. My leg got worse until I thought I was going to die. I then pleaded with my friends to take me to the hospital. They did, but just dropped me at the entrance and fled. A Brazilian nurse found me and paid for my treatment. I then came back to Mozambique. Over time, my legs became worse and in the end, I had to have both legs amputated. Praise God, I am now going to the Chamanculo church where I am learning about God’s love, grace, and acceptance.”

Another story about how Helping Hands ministry is such a blessing:

After traveling 1112km (690 miles) to the north of Mozambique, we (me and several church leaders) were very well received by an AIM missionary, Claire Weddell, in Chimoio, who fed us and shared how she had joined her friend Fatima in praying for God to provide for her friend’s need - a wheelchair! They had no idea how they could get one, but they trusted God for an answer! Some time later, she went to a training event in South Africa and in God’s providence, she made contact with someone who was aware of our Helping Hands ministry. Contact details were passed along, and soon, we were to receive an email from our friend in South Africa. The rest is history! It was great privilege to leave a wheelchair for Fatima - the answer to her prayer! It is humbling that God should use Helping Hands volunteers and donors to become the answer to someone’s prayer, hundreds, even thousands of kilometers away! Be encouraged, God hears and answers our prayers.

By Melvin Kelly, One Mission Society UK Missionary in Mozambique

Click here to donate to Helping Hands in Mozambique.

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