Doors Open at the Right Time: Summer Intern Relies on God

June 23 2017

"I had prayed for a long time that God would just open the right doors and shut the wrong ones. I prayed for God to put me in situations where I would have no other choice but to trust in him."

And that’s how God intervened in Maranda Grabbe's life and brought her to OMS as the Missionary Care intern for the summer. It’s clear to see that her passion for people was instilled into her heart by God the minute she was born. Having gone through her own trials and hardships over the years, she found herself wanting to pour into others who were going through similar things. Maranda shared how important it is to have someone to lean on because "it was very evident when I was lacking those people to cling to." It is for this reason that she is finishing a degree in Christian Counseling at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri.

God recently revealed in her a passion for missions, for reaching the lost and the broken. Nearly a year ago, she and some friends were provided an opportunity to visit Greece on a mission trip. Maranda felt herself being called to this mission trip, but she had to acknowledge that she was struggling with various personal issues. She shared how contradictory her emotions were in these moments. She was deeply happy for her friends and the good work they would do, while equally disappointed that she couldn't help serve others. She knew, however, that she first needed to explore where her anxiety and depression were coming from, and learn how to give them up to God. But this desire to serve in Greece was placed on her heart for a reason, and she didn't let it go. With hard work, dedication, and prayer, she was able to serve in Greece just two months ago.

But she didn’t accomplish this on her own. “God had been working on me,” she shared. The mission trip to Greece "changed my life and wrecked my world." When the time came to choose an internship, Maranda wasn’t sure what it would mean to volunteer her entire summer to a mission, but she relied on God for the decision.

This reliance on God, the one who provides and protects, led Maranda to choose OMS.

“I love how welcoming and caring everyone is. They are truly happy to have me here serving with them, and it has been very encouraging knowing that."

By Mykaela Alvey, Summer Communications intern

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A New Way to Pray: Summer Communications Intern Grows in Ministry

June 9 2017

“I am excited to explore how I can combine writing and my faith.”

Mykaela Alvey, a recent college graduate, is the journalism intern in the Communications Department at One Missions Society for the summer 2017. Despite her current desire to be a part of a mission organization, she only recently listened to this call from God.

Mykaela grew up as a preacher’s kid. From a young age, she fell into the image that she thought a pastor’s kid is supposed to have. “I was a leader in the youth group, I volunteered for the children’s ministry and Bible camp, which is not a bad thing, but it made it easy to have this mask and make it look like I had it all together.” Behind this preacher’s kid façade, Mykaela’s relationship with God was actually stagnant.

It wasn’t until her junior year of college, after watching the movie War Room, a story of a woman who turns to prayer when her life becomes difficult, that Mykaela felt her faith changing.

Afterward, Mykaela felt a nudge to buy a journal. “I later realized this nudge was from God.” This purchase radically changed her faith in God and propelled it forward. She had spent her entire life feeling like she couldn’t pray, but this purchase made her realize that this journal was her link to God, her own way of praying.

Mykaela began to grow stronger in her faith and by her senior year, she felt a call from God to go into either ministry or missions. “I think it [the call] was there my entire life, but I just chose to ignore it because there were more 'important things'—worldly things to do.” She finally decided to listen to this nudge from God and explore it.

Mykaela, has a degree in history and writing and was not looking to give up her specific interests. She wanted to find a job in ministry or missions where she could still pursue her writing passion.

So when she learned about and applied for the journalism internship at OMS, she was excited about what God had in store for her. Then God answered. Mykaela shed a few joyful tears when she officially received the internship position.

“Even though I’m only a summer intern, I feel like I am one small drop in this pool of water of making a difference, and I really like that I get to be a part of something like that.”

By Chelsea Long, OMS Summer Communications and Marketing Intern

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