A Sense of Home at OMS: Summer Intern Fits in

June 15 2017

"I always knew I had a heart for international people, for helping others, nurturing them and loving and caring for them … that's when I really found my faith and my identity in Christ …"

Devondra Wakefield is taking her passion for people and applying it in the Human Resources Department of One Mission Society. She is serving as a mobilizer this summer, a job that compliments her major of Missions and Ministry at Kentucky Christian University.

Devondra grew up in a home that wasn't always focused on Christ, but she was fortunate enough to have an aunt who always invested in her spiritually. Devondra reflected on her search for Christ, "I didn't really grow up in a household where Christ was the center … where we talked about Christ, [or] where I learned anything about Christ, so anything outside of the prior knowledge I already had, I had to go seek." And that's exactly what she did on June 2, 2013, when she was saved and gave her life to Christ.

Upon graduating from high school, she made the decision to seek a nursing degree at Kentucky Christian University, but God had other plans about her future career. After spending two years in the nursing program, Devondra noticed God closing doors that led to her becoming a nurse. As a result of this, she made the split-second decision to change her major to Ministry with a focus in Missions.

Every ministry student at KCU is asked to fulfill an internship before graduation. It was this requirement that led Devondra to the International Conference of Missions (ICOM). She quickly saw that there were many organizations who were not keen on giving Devondra information on what she would be doing, except for one. Devondra talks about how throughout the entire day she just kept bumping into Heather, one of OMS' Mobilization workers, and it made an impact on her. Devondra felt a sense of home when she was talking with OMS, something she didn't feel with the other organizations. She reflected, "I really felt like I was wanted and someone really cared about my spiritual journey."

It was this feeling of "home" that brought Devondra to serve with the OMS this summer.

"OMS is a team that is always willing to walk alongside other coworkers, missionaries, and those coming to Christ."

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