One Mission Stories "After the Show" - Susan Loobie

May 9 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (May 11) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring Susan Loobie, director of Communication at the OMS World HQ. Susan has been involved in missions for the past 25 years and at OMS for the last 10 1/2.

The program features Susan's testimony and her calling to missions, as well as many miraculous stories about how God saved her life.

Everyone has a story ... enjoy Susan's!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

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PRAY: Susan ask for prayer for Bob Fetherlin, the new OMS President, beginning in July 2014. Pray for his transition and the work on new promotional material needed for this from Susan and her team. Also pray for Susan's family--with three teen and pre-teen kids, her hands are full. Pray that each would grow up in Jesus. Praise the Lord for the many times He has rescued Susan from health trials.

If you would like to pray for other OMS needs, visit our OMS prayer wall.

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OMS Outreach magazine was also mentioned on the broadcast. If you'd like to view the magazine, you can see it online here.

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Hello from India!

July 3 2013

Hello from India!


Since arriving here a week ago it has been a whirlwind of ministry and travel. It is hard to put into words the uniqueness of this nation that God has called me to serve. It is at the same time exhilarating, exasperating and exhausting! The heat has been well over 100 degrees. The blessings come in abundance, but the challenges show up alongside them! I am burdened by the human suffering all around me in the midst of what has become to me a familiar chaos. Yesterday I spent time with a leper lady without fingers and toes who is homeless and wanders around with her cane hoping for mercy and help to stay alive.

In the same village, a truck driver named Pencalakumar sat on his cot outside his home, unable to move because his leg was maimed in a horrific accident last year. The sober reality of his new limitations was written plainly across his face. After listening and then sharing the story of my son Wade, I shared the story of God’s Son who lovingly suffered and died to forgive our sins. Finally, I had the joy of praying with him to receive Jesus!

Some of you know that Pastor Greg DiMeolo from Ohio is traveling with me. His companionship is a great encouragement to me. As Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “Two are better than one, because there is a good return for their work.” After returning late last night on a bus to Chennai, we took 2 flights to get to Calcutta early this morning.

This afternoon we drove 2 hours each way to a village in order to train 20 people in a house church. When we arrived, I had to fight back the tears. What a holy privilege to encourage and train these precious followers of Christ to reach into new villages with the Gospel. Tonight, like every night, I am weary. Nevertheless, I am thankful for Greg and for you who pray. Please ask God for a healing touch upon my stomach which has been in rebellion the past 2 days!

Thanks, Roger. (the next post is an entry I made 2 days ago)

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