Learning About Teamwork in Mexico

June 4 2015

Miriam is short-term missionary from Cardiff, United Kingdom, and as part of her gap year is spending four months with OMS in Mexico City.

She writes, I first came to Mexico in 2011; I was then just coming to the end of my A-Levels, and was about to start a Gap Year. I spent two weeks in Mexico City, falling in love with the country and the people. I left Mexico with a huge desire to return. I then spent one year working in Wales, and returned to Mexico in 2012. I am now a student at Cardiff University, studying Spanish and Italian, and as part of my course, I am required to do a year abroad. This meant I could chose to either study or to do a work placement. When deciding what to do and where to go, God really put Mexico on my heart once again. I sent a few emails and decided to come back as part of my university course. I have just spent five months in Italy, and then came to Mexico to fulfil the Spanish half of my year abroad. My main commitment is working with MEFI, a drop-in centre for homeless youth. I visited MEFI in both 2011 and 2012 and loved the team and the work they do. I knew it was where I wanted to spend these four months. I have been in Mexico now for about a month, and I love it so far! I am so excited at the prospect of having another three months here to develop deeper relationships with all at MEFI.

When I arrived for my first day, a few weeks ago, the first thing that I noticed was the family-like environment. It definitely is not a case of workers providing a service for the service users; it is a friendly place with a warm, home-like atmosphere. Straightaway, I felt at ease. One of the things that really touched me, and still does every day, was the relationship between the kids and the team. There is so much respect from both parties. I really appreciate seeing this; it says a lot about both the kids and the workers.

The people that make up the team in MEFI are some of the most genuine, humble, and lovely people I have ever met. It is such a privilege to work alongside them and learn from them. I have only been here a few weeks, and I have already learned so much from them! They give their time to God, daily, to serve him and to serve the people who live on the streets. They spend all day loving the people that society has put in the corner. They are Jesus’ hands and feet daily. They are such wonderful people – and always give all glory to God. I am so looking forward to growing as I journey with these people. God has really blessed me with being a part of this team, even if it is only for a short time.

I am also really looking forward to a few days in June when we will be going on a camp with some of the people who regularly use MEFI, the team, and a group of teenagers from America. I am really looking forward to spending more time with some of the kids and having a fun few days out of the city. Please pray that God would use this time to open doors and give us opportunities to talk about Him, and share even more about our faith.

The next few months provide a great opportunity for me to serve, but also to learn. I pray that as I press in closer with God, that I would see more opportunities to grow and learn at MEFI. I am so thankful for this time I have here and so excited to spend the next three months involved in the work in Mexico City.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" radio -- Steve Cosslett

June 23 2014

We hope you enjoyed last night's (Sunday, June 22) One Mission Stories, OMS' radio program, featuring OMS UK missionary Steve Cosslett, serving as field leader in Mexico and director of MEFI, our street kid ministry.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on the program last night.

Steve shared about MEFI, our street kid ministry and drop-in center in Mexico City. There are an estimated 800,000 street kids in Mexico City. Read more about the ministry, watch the video, and donate at the link.

Steve also shared about church planting in Mexico City, a city of 40 million people. OMS Mexico is working with the OMS-related UNIFAM denomination of churches. They are using the Train & Multiply training material (in which OMS is a partner), with the goal of planting 2 million house churches by 2025. If you are interested in this type of ministry, check out the opportunities. The Mexico field has many long- and short-term opportunities to serve, including: seminary teaching, teaching English, nursing, eXtreme Walk, sports ministry, working with children in VBS', and other administrative needs.

Everyone has a story ... enjoy Steve's!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

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PRAY: Pray for Steve, his wife Helen, and their three children.

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​Clinging to the Hope of Heaven

June 19 2014

When our One Mission Society missionaries decide to work in countries around the world, they are not signing up for vacations. Their stories from the mission field are often filled with a mixture of both successes and sadnesses. Oftentimes, the success stories are what keep us going in the midst of the sadness. In Mexico City, where OMS missionaries Steve and Helen Cosslett work with homeless youth, we praise God for each and every victory, but we also remember the tragedies that our missionaries see nearly every day.

Our ministry to street kids in Mexico City is called MEFI. The name is not only an acronym, but a process, which stands for Misericordia (Mercy), Esperanza (Hope), Fe (Faith), and Integración (Integration).

The MEFI website outlines how our missionaries and national coworkers minister to these children with the MEFI process.

“Mercy, underlines our initial contact and the practical help we seek to give the street children/young people, e.g. food, first-aid and shelter. Then we seek to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to these lives, showing them all that it means to be in a relationship with Him, including a hope for the future. If they then decide to embark on a journey with God, their faith will grow as they learn to trust Him and others. Lastly, we desire integration back into society for these street children, so that, in turn they can impact their families (if possible) and other street children by the changes they see in them.”

Unfortunately, when homelessness, jail time, drug addiction, prostitution, and other disheartening circumstances are thrown into the mix, this process turns into more of a roller coaster for the children and youth who meet our missionaries.

Meet Jenni. Jenni has been part of MEFI for about four years. After a life of drugs, she decided in January of this year that she wanted to check in to rehab. Our missionaries took her to the rehab center outside of the city and shared their testimonies. One of the workers who often visited her at the rehab center shared his story of how he conquered his drug addiction with God’s help. After about a month of being in rehab, Jenni went missing. After weeks of searching for her, MEFI recently received a phone call from the morgue saying they had a body that matched Jenni’s description. Their fears from the past weeks were confirmed when workers identified the body as Jenni’s. They were told that she died from cardiac arrest … probably because of her habitual drug abuse over several years.

Since arriving at the drop-in center, Jenni had grown very close to a lot of the workers and had several friends through MEFI. Although her death has given them a reason to mourn, her time at MEFI also has given them a reason to celebrate. With the help of our missionaries, and by the grace of God, Jenni was baptized four years ago. Our missionaries worked closely with Jenni and saw the change that Jesus was making in her life. When the sadness creeps in, they are reminded that Jenni is now pain free in the presence of God.

Praise God with us that, even though we lost Jenni, she was saved. Please pray for MEFI and our missionaries in Mexico City. Pray that this ministry would continue to be “a doorway from the darkness of the street to the dawn of abundant life!”

If you would like more information about MEFI, visit: www.mefi.co

By Christina Franks, OMS Summer Communications Intern

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