Building in the Midst of a Storm

November 13 2015

In October, I travel to Johannesburg, South Africa, on my first trip as the OMS theological consultant for Africa. I attended Every Community for Christ’s Africa Summit. While there, I met Kris Kappler, OMS’ new international regional director for Africa, along with six of the seven ECC regional supervisors.

These men represent OMS ministry in more than 20 African nations and literally hundreds of churches. Some of these churches are not churches as we think of them, but small groups who meet under trees or in homes. The stories of God’s work told by these men were inspirational and challenging to all of us who listened. And the situations these men and their coordinators and trainers face are not easy. Challenges face them on many levels, including spiritual, social, and political.

One supervisor named Thierry lives in the Central African Republic (CAR). CAR is one of THE most war-torn countries in present-day Africa. A Bible college there named FATEB has been turned into a refugee camp with 3,000 suffering people. (Pray for the president of this school as he ministers there.)

In the midst of this turmoil and war, Thierry has the courage to dream. God has laid it on his heart to build a school. When he heard from God, he began to plan and prepare. He wrote a proposal, made a site plan, and even made arrangements with FATEB so that his Bible college could give accredited classes. At this point, some Africans would seek assistance from a Westerner to help pay for this type of dream. Not Thierry. Using his own resources and connections, he found property, built a wall around it, and has begun construction on two buildings.

When Thierry shared this story with me, he told me that he did not want help to build buildings, but shared that he could not do it all alone. He needed help in getting books for the library and help with computers and setting up the software. Thierry wants to focus on online theological education. And he wants this seminary to become an OMS seminary.

This is the type of man I am excited about partnering with; a man who is willing to build and prepare for the future of God’s kingdom in the midst of a storm. Your donation to the theological education fund allows OMS to partner with men like Thierry to help him complete his vision. Would you consider donating to account #408126 so OMS can move forward more strongly in the areas of theological education? Click here to give.

This is the kind of kingdom-building opportunity we have all around the world through OMS Theological Education. Your support of this ministry makes vision like this become reality.

By Rod Dormer, One Mission Society Theological Education Team, Africa

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