Shepherd Seminar

April 29 2013

Shepherd Seminar

shep·herd  (shep'- erd) 

n. - One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher.

v. - To guard, tend, or guide as or in the manner of a shepherd.


Today starts the Shepherd and CMF (Church Multiplication Facilitator) seminar at OMS Headquarters. This week we will come together to share stories, struggles and fellowship. We will hear about how to more effectively tell God's story and practice teaching other about training methods that are reproducible. 

The people in this group serve in several countries around the world including (but not limited to) Romania and Bulgaria, Mexico and Caribbean, Colombia, India and others. A shepherd is concerned about the spiritual well-being of the flock - the people groups and/or people of the country in which they serve.

The CMF helps to guide by identifying training needs and participating the development and implementation of training. To read more about the roles of an ECC Shepherd and an ECC Church Multiplication Facilitator, click on the ECC Logo in the "Ministries" tab above. 

We trust the Lord for a great week and pray for His guidance in our time together.

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