A Divine Appointment

November 27 2012

A Divine Appointment

Anil, an ECC trainer in the north of India, recently gave this testimony when asked to tell about their experience with a person of peace – a person whom God had prepared to receive the Gospel.

My wife and I were returning by train from a worship center in another town. I told her that she was singing the hymns too fast, and I pulled a hymnal from my bag and began singing a hymn softly and slowly to demonstrate what I meant. A man sitting close by asked, “What is that beautiful song?” My wife and I then sang the hymn and told the man about Jesus.

He then asked, “Where are you people from?” When we told him, he exclaimed, “That is only three kilometers from my home. You must come and tell me and my family more about this!” Two days later we received a phone call from the man, “Where are you? We are waiting for you.”

So on the next day, my wife and I went to the man’s house. As he invited us inside, he saw an old woman sitting outside. “Auntie,” he called, “please come inside and hear this.” Then he saw four men working in a nearby field, and he went over to them. “Stop what you are doing and come to my home. You must hear this!” They followed him into his house, where my wife and I taught them many hymns and told them about Jesus.

Now there is a house church meeting in that man’s home.

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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