Presidential Prayer Rally: Starting With Nothing

July 2 2014

It’s not often that a new President spends his first day in leadership talking about how he and everyone else in the organization is prone to failure.

But that is exactly how our new OMS President, Bob Fetherlin, started his first day here at One Mission Society.

When he realized that his first day would be on July 1, a Tuesday, Bob asked if he could move the monthly prayer rally from the traditional Wednesday to the Tuesday. So, from 9 a.m. until noon, we worshiped God and thanked him for his provision, his love, his mercy, and his altogether awesomeness. Benjamin, age 8, could be heard over some of the adults as we sang “How Great Thou Art.” Dr. Wesley Duewel, age 98, prayed twice during the three hours, reminding us that praising our Lord doesn’t have an age limit.

Bob wanted to begin his time as President of OMS with an atmosphere of total surrender and pure dependence on God, and this mindset was evident as he and his wife, Esther, addressed those in the Fellowship Hall and those joining via the live stream.

“We come with nothing in our hands. We are desperate for him.”

The prayer rally focused on the verse Matthew 5:3, which says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Bob told us that, as Christians, oftentimes “we think more highly of ourselves than we ought.” Sometimes, it can be difficult to let go of our pride and give God glory when a task goes well or projects are accomplished.

As we serve One Mission Society, Bob reminded us that our efforts are also for God. What we do in our individual cubicles or in our particular departments comes together in a bigger picture. Unless two ministries are collaborating, it can be easy to get wrapped up in our own work. So, when the departments were separated into groups of two, they didn’t share projects. They shared prayers. It took a lot of time, but Bob reminded us that if we intend to glorify God in everything we do, then “we don’t have time not to pray.”

At the end of the prayer rally, another group came up to the front of the Fellowship Hall and shared their prayers. As Bob and Esther sat in chairs at the front, our children’s prayer team, made up of OMS missionary kids, surrounded them. This group, which ranges from children as young as two to teenagers, laid one hand on our new President and First Lady while the other hand held cards that they had prepared for the special day.

With tears in their eyes, the Fetherlins expressed how blessed they felt to be part of the future of One Mission Society. We are blessed to have them here with us. God’s presence was felt that Tuesday morning—what a beautiful way to start this new season.

By Christina Franks, OMS Summer Intern in Communications

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​An Open-Door Policy with God

June 25 2014

Imagine this scenario for a moment:

The big boss of your company has just given you an assignment, and it is not going to be easy. You’re told that this assignment is the future of this company! (No pressure, right?) You feel nervous about this new task, and to be honest, pretty unprepared and inadequate. Then, a bombshell is dropped. Your boss tells you that you cannot ask any questions along the way. How unprepared do you feel now?

Bigger than the future of any company, everything God has called us to do is for the future of his kingdom. Our purpose here on Earth is to glorify God, but the job that is so explicitly given to us is to make disciples of all nations. However we, as Christians, feel about this global mission, whether it be unprepared or inadequate, we thank God that prayer allows there to be an open-door policy between us and The Boss!

Without prayer, our work here at One Mission Society would not be possible. Therefore, prayer has been and continues to be the foundation of One Mission Society. As Lettie Cowman, an OMS cofounder, said, “Everything vital in missionary work, whether home or abroad, hinges upon prayer.”

As we continue to go through The Lord’s Prayer at our monthly prayer rallies, we are reminded that prayer is designed to be relational. Prayers are the conversations between God and his children that make his work possible. Through prayer, we are given guidance and direction for completing every task in front of us. Through prayer, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s children back to him. And through prayer, we see the hand of God everywhere.

We have ministry partners around the world, through our value-adding networks, who are seeing the power of prayer around them.

When Lácides Hernandez, the director of Prison Fellowship of Colombia, visited headquarters, the stories of transformation were abundant. He said prisoners are coming to Jesus daily, and he thanked us for covering this ministry in prayer. “I think that’s why the prison is being transformed,” he said.

Our missionaries in South Asia are constantly facing dangerous situations. One missionary compared their ministry to the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. Despite the hungry lions that surrounded Daniel, because he prayed, the lions left Daniel alone. The governments in these areas regularly persecute Christians. But our God—the same God who shut the mouths of the lions—has protected our missionaries so they can continue to spread the Gospel.

Prayer is a necessity for us and for our missionaries. In the same way that communication between boss and employee is needed for work projects to be successful, God’s work cannot be completed successfully without staying in constant communication with him. Thank God that his door is always open, his answers are always right, and his timing is always perfect!

By Christina Franks, One Mission Society Summer Communications Intern

(Artwork by OMS missionary Shirley Carlson)

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A New Day Dawns Upon the South Pacific

July 1 2013

A New Day Dawns Upon the South Pacific

Wednesday on an island in the South Pacific 

How do you reach 150 million people dominated by a religion that often opposes the Gospel and seeks to intimidate the followers of Jesus? Let’s start with prayer, and lots of it! Prayer is all about what God can do, and there are no limits with Him.

In his book, Touch the World through Prayer, Wesley Duewel says that “God has ordained to work through the prayers of his people. Prayer releases God’s power. He is waiting for your intercession and mine.” Why then do we hesitate and sometimes even avoid time to seek God’s face? It has often been said, the Devil trembles when he sees, God’s weakest child on his knees. So, let us pray! 

Many people here have learned to pray. I spent some time with Budi, early this morning. He teaches at the Bible seminary OMS started here many years ago. His wife recently finished chemo treatments following her surgery for breast cancer. It has been a rough road for them to travel. Nevertheless, the fire in his heart burns brightly for his fellow countrymen still without the Savior. He has successfully given leadership to a growing movement of 16 house churches that are connected to a mother church he is pastoring. By training ordinary believers to lead these groups, the light of Christ is penetrating the darkness. His own life and prayers bear witness to the fact that faith is the victory! 

Pastor Adi is another national co-worker with vision and tireless determination to share the Good News. This dynamic servant of Jesus is small in stature but speaks with a booming voice. He is helping empower regular men and women to plant and shepherd satellite churches that are touching and transforming lives. Since January, 54 persons have met the Savior through his commitment to train and equip others. So far he has supervised the starting of 4 satellite churches. One meets in a room on a university campus dominated by another religion! He has two other new areas where groups are meeting and will soon become satellite churches. One is situated in a military compound. . . . Onward Christian soldiers! 

Thursday, in Singapore travelling on to India 

As you can see, my time spent with key church leaders in the South Pacific is bearing fruit. My co-worker Dean and I are thrilled to see God beginning to move among our OMS related churches in fresh ways as they learn to reach lost people through the multiplication of new churches. Our 3+ days of training and warm fellowship was time well invested in God’s kingdom. After 48 hours of travel to get there, my body is weary, but my heart is rejoicing in God’s goodness. 

Now I move on to India, anticipating the challenges and blessings that await me there. Will you join me in prayer before the throne of grace? I am depending on your intercession to uphold, strengthen and anoint my ministry with Jesus. Thank you! 

Sharing Christ, the Hope of the world, Roger

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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Pray for IGLEICO Children Evangelism in Colombia

June 27 2013

Pray for IGLEICO Children Evangelism in Colombia

This weekend IGLEICO is holding its annual assembly when all pastors gather for worship and denominational meetings. Our ECC Coordinator for IGLEICO, Richard Herrera, has planned an evangelism event with the children who will be attending. They will be trained to use several evangelism methods and then put them into practice in the community while their families are attending the convention. 

We were so excited by Richard's plan because it goes beyond providing the usual children's program to showing the pastors how children can be used of God to lead others to Christ. At the conclusion of the convention the children will present each superintendent with an evangelism kit including each method they learned. 

Several OMS donors responded to an invitation to participate by sending soccer balls with the colors of the wordless book and 100 special children's Evangecubes. Richard sent this photo of Remberto Barrios pictured with one of the soccer balls and an Evangecube. 

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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We continue to follow Roger and Glenda in India…

March 20 2013

We continue to follow Roger and Glenda in India…

We are now in Bangalore, in the south of India. 89 church planters have come from three states. Because 20 more people than expected came, things became a bit chaotic with the logistics of finding more lodging and another training hall down the street! Never mind, you either learn to be flexible here or you probably won’t come back. Unfortunately, my body is struggling with some kind of bug. I am trusting God to touch me as I rest tonight. Your prayers would surely be welcomed! Glenda has written a summary of our final couple days in Bhopal. Hope you enjoy!

Following the Bhopal training we took the opportunity over two days to see God at work around the city. You may remember that almost 30 years ago an industrial explosion occurred on the outskirts of Bhopal with more than 16,000 killed by poisonous gas. Because of this tragedy one would expect a dusty, depressed and demoralized city. However, there are areas of beauty in the lakes and gardens as well as evident economic growth. More than that, though, we caught glimpses of inspiring growth of the church! 

Pastor Amos is the T&M coordinator for Madhya Pradesh. In recent years he has been working closely with Abdul M., training him to be a church planter. Through their ministry, five people were ready to be baptized that day. When we arrived at the church, only two of the five had arrived. One of them, an undergarment salesman, couldn’t come on time because his bicycle tire was punctured. He had been instructed to bring dry clothes to put on following the baptism. He thought he was being asked to bring his merchandise. He bundled up a huge assortment – so much the bike’s tire couldn’t handle the weight! While waiting for him, we interviewed another two candidates who were present. Our co-worker, Jim Hogrefe, pointed out a rat that was near a drain. Soon after I felt little feet scurrying across my foot! Afterwards Jim and Roger made several witty suggestions as to the name of my “pet rat!”

Both of the men who were lovingly baptized by Amos, as well as a farmer who was baptized later that day, were all faithfully discipled by Abdul. He travels several hundred kilometers each month to encourage and train new believers. We are so impressed by this humble, hard-working, dedicated servant of God. 

We drove past the remains of the Union Carbide factory on our way to visit a middle-aged couple who now follow Christ. A house church regularly meets at their home. Not long ago they sensed God was calling them to build an “upper room” on top of their existing house so that more people could attend. It will seat over 100, Indian style! Stepping out in faith, they took out a loan and construction is well underway. We were privileged to be asked to help dedicate this room for the glory of God. I am SO thankful to God for the opportunity to have my heart touched by God’s people in this land.

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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Hello Again!

March 14 2013

Hello Again!

Let me introduce you to 3 of our ECC church planters. We are in awe of what they are accomplishing for the kingdom of God!

Of the 64 who participated in the training, two were women. Narinder, is around 45 years old, and has been a widow for nearly 10 years. She lives in the village of Kaler, in the state of Punjab. She has started up 2 house churches and is training two others to reach 2 more villages. Kashmiro is somewhat younger than Narinder, but has also been used by God to plant one church group. Fifty people meet weekly in her home for worship. Kashmiro, from a Sikh background, was wonderfully healed of an emotional/mental condition 6 years ago. Now she is known as a prayer warrior with a great burden to serve the Lord. 

Whatever she learns she applies immediately. Glenda and I challenged Kashmiro to pursue regular meetings with a person of peace in the neighboring village. She will pray for needs, share Bible stories, and has a goal of starting a house church there by June. Both ladies hear Bible stories from their T&M trainer and then pass them on to their people. We encouraged them to keep in touch weekly by phone along with monthly visits to pray together and celebrate what God is doing! They live 30 km away from each other.

We also spoke with Ujjwal Sardar, a 40 year old man from the Sunderban Islands, in West Bengal, near Bangladesh. He loves to write and sing songs that tell stories of God’s grace. He does so with great emotion and dramatic gestures. He was a farmer who was earning only $3 dollars a day and trying to support his wife and 3 children. His father got very sick and the family was desperately seeking help from the Hindu gods as well as medical people. 

Nothing changed. 

It was as that time that he met our ECC team leader Patra, who shared with him the Good News of Christ. Ujjwal began to anoint his father with oil and pray for healing in Jesus’ name. His father improved dramatically. As a result, Ujjwal and his family grew strong in faith and he began sharing his faith story with others. However, one day while doing ministry, his son called him to say that someone had set their house on fire! Ujjwal quickly turned to God in prayer asking for divine intervention. Within ½ hour his son called back to say a sudden rain storm had put out the fire and the house was not destroyed! Since then, the arsonist has asked forgiveness and begun attending the house church started in the village.

Much to our amazement, Ujjwal is teaching the T&M strategy to 15 pastoral workers who are each establishing house churches on 5 different islands. Many have become followers of Jesus and in April, 500 new believers from ECC outreach around the islands will be baptized! When we asked Ujjwal, “Why such abundant fruit?” He replied, “Continuous prayer.”

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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One Life Shared and Multiplied

December 10 2012

One Life Shared and Multiplied

Endla and Tamara have been believers for a long time but were not active in the church other than filling a seat each Sunday morning. In fact Tamara had become so bored with church that she spent most of the time looking for people and things to criticize, and eventually she had stopped attending altogether. 

That was until they started attending the women’s small group led by Piret Saard. As Piret quietly and steadily fed into their lives, they saw that God had work for them to do and that the Christian life could be one of dynamic service. Each week they were led not only to study the Scripture together, but also to apply it in concrete practical ways. This resulted in life change for both of these women. They came to understand that God had given them a life and relationship with Him that needed to be shared with others. Together they asked God to open the doors to non-believers that they could pray for, care for and share with.  

God answered their prayers and inspired them to approach the Rapla care home to see if there was some way they could help there. This home houses both pensioners and others who have fallen on hard times or have some kind of disability.

They were not sure exactly what they should do there, but God again answered their prayers and gave them the idea to take along a cassette player and some Estonian Christian music. This was a great hit and gave them the chance to discuss the meaning of the songs with the 6 or so who come regularly. They have also found other ways to serve by baking cakes to help celebrate birthdays or other special events. The word has gone out around the home that these ladies love us and pray for us and care when most feel that there is no one in the world who needs them.  They are slowly getting the message that it is not just Endla and Tamara who care, but that God their Creator also loves and cares deeply about them and seeks a personal relationship with them.

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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Mountaintop Experience

December 3 2012

Mountaintop Experience

360 degrees of God’s Grace or The Rest of the Story

Jesus says that we can worship God anywhere when we worship Him in spirit and in truth. The city of Azogues rests high in the Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador. Outside of the city, high on a mountaintop, a statue of the Virgin of the Mist was recently erected. Pilgrims visiting this statue are promised blessings from God when they petition the Virgin to mediate for them. Located on another mountaintop near the city are Inca ruins, where the sun and moon were worshiped many years ago. 

One morning Pastor Sergio and Every Community for Christ workers Pablo and Jacob took us up another mountaintop north of the city to tell us how God is answering prayers to reach every household in this area with the message of Christ’s salvation. As we drove up the mountain, we followed many switchbacks; each one seemed to reach the top, only to turn a corner and find another one. Finally, we came to a stop and got out of the car. There before us was a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Although the sun was shining, the breeze was brisk and cool at roughly 9,000 ft. above sea level.  

Sergio began showing and sharing God’s story. “See that village half way up that mountain?” he would ask. “There is a Bible study group meeting in a home there.” Then after a slight turn, “See that group of homes down in the valley? God has raised up a person of peace who is being discipled.” Looking back toward the other side, “A house church meets in that town, and up there on that mountainside lives a family who has recently asked for more information about what the Bible says.” We were overwhelmed as he continued to share with us how the ECC team has been working to reach rural areas with the Good News and how God is responding. We had a prayer time together praising God and asking Him for wisdom for these young men. It was a mountaintop experience that will remain in our memory for a long time.

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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