Former Indian Witch Doctor Leads Churches Today

October 27 2015

Arjun King, a former witchdoctor from Andhra Pradesh, used to travel all over India invoking evil spirits to help him predict people’s futures. This successful fortune-teller’s clientele included movie stars and politicians. Once, he even met the former prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, and told her future. He earned a lot of money by soothsaying … but the money ruined his life. He lived immorally and gave himself to drinking and other vices. He lost everything and ended up bankrupt.

Arjun's sister, who became a Christian first, began witnessing to him. A few years later, he attended an Evangelical Church of India church in Madras and gave his life to the Lord. Bishop Ezra Sargunam baptized him, along with 13 members of his family and renamed him Paul. After becoming a Christian, Paul studied theology at the ECI Bible school in Vijayawada. While he was a student, he planted two village churches.

Today, Paul oversees 19 ECI churches.

Rev. Gavji Chauhan, one of our senior Indian Missionary Movement missionaries, works in Rajasthan. After accepting Christ, he joined ECI as an Every Community for Christ worker. He actively shares the Gospel with unreached people groups, especially within the Bhil tribe. Thousands of Bhils have been baptized through his ministries.

Today, there are around 100 families in his congregation. Many people of other faiths also attend the worship services as seekers. Every month, Rev. Chauhan travels to different villages in Rajasthan to share the Good News.

His whole family is involved in the ministry. Every week, they fast and pray each Friday and Sunday. God is doing wonders through these fasting prayers. Many sick, demon possessed, and people with various other problems come to Gavji and his family for prayer, and God is using them as to bless many people. Pray for them. They face much persecution and opposition from other religions.

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