Lost in Africa

May 13 2019

One weekend, about five years ago, the Almeida family (OMS missionaries from Brazil, serving in Mozambique) went to a beach to relax. On the way home, they drove back to get on the ferry … only to discover it had broken down. How were they to get across the river and back home? Someone told them about a bridge that had been built about two hours to the north.

With unclear directions and no signs, they got lost in the bush, but what they discovered were many villages and lots of people living in that area with no Christian witness. Although they eventually found the bridge and got home, they couldn’t forget the people and began to pray for them.

God impressed these people on their hearts and even though it takes four hours to get there, Paulo and Fernanda started using the bridge to explore the area. Three years ago, Paulo asked our team to pray for a meeting he’d set up. It was with a local pastor he had met and various pastors from a cult/cultic church that mixes Old Testament rituals and Mozambican culture, such as doing animal sacrifices for special events.

Today, there is a strong Bible study going with 60 leaders in a place close to the main road. One man walks two and a half hours to get to the Bible study and has never been late. The bishop of a cultic church in that area has also been attending. Recently, he asked why Jesus needed to die. When he heard the reason, he was so sad because he found out when he was old. Fernanda told him, “Praise God you found out before it was too late!”

By Debbie Wittig, OMS Missionary in Mozambique

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Wonder Wheels

November 7 2018

Winny recently celebrated her 10th birthday. The staff of Helping Hands first met her in December 2016. She and her mom Sandra had been in a hospital waiting room when the family next to them told them about the upcoming Helping Hands event to celebrate International Day of Disability. Sandra and Winny came!

Winny was born unable to walk.

After her birth, she became very sick and was in a coma for a long time. Doctors say it’s a miracle that she survived. She lives with her mom and younger sister. Her father abandoned the family because of her disability.

In Mozambique, it’s common for the father to abandon his child and wife/partner if he discovers that he/she has a disability, thus putting an even great financial strain on the mom.

When we visited Winny’s family, we saw a small baby stroller with a missing wheel in their yard.

This is what the family had been using to move her. Over time, we built a relationship with the family and were able to provide Winny with her first wheelchair, along with much-needed diapers.

We have shared Bible verses of encouragement and prayed with the family every time we visited. I remember one visit when we provided the girls with some clothes and Sandra started crying saying “No one ever notices my children like this.”

Now, Sandra and Winny and the extended family attend one of our churches and feel loved and accepted. Members of the church take turns pushing Winny in her wheelchair through the deep sand.

Sandra and Winny also started attending our monthly parent group where Sandra has met other parents facing similar situations. She has stepped up as a great volunteer in the ministry. We prayed for many months that Winny would be accepted into a school. Praise the Lord! Winny will begin school for the first time ever in January 2019!

Could you help a family in need like Winny’s? $250 covers the cost of one wheelchair that will change the life of someone in Mozambique.

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For Greater Things: Learning From Lettie Cowman's Words of Wisdom

March 7 2018

During this time of physical pain that has brought me back to the U.S. for a time, God has been showing me in Scripture about "greater things" (John 14:12-14) that He is doing, which I believe are eternal things. Physical healing is truly great, but God is also doing eternal things, in and through us, that are even greater.

Bruce and Mabel Callender, who started the OMS (One Mission Society) work in Mozambique, sent me a book about two of the founders of OMS, Charles and Lettie Cowman, The Story Behind Streams in the Desert, which is Lettie Cowman's journal during the last year of her husband Charles' life. (He died of cancer at the age of 56.)

What God continues to show me is that His higher thoughts and ways are for greater things, whether or not they include physical healing. We praise God for healing when it comes, in life or death, but we can know that He is doing eternal things. As I read the book, I was encouraged to see that Lettie had come to the same realization.

"There came to me today the thought which I believe was given me of God that there is something greater than healing for us. God may have a far deeper thought than just healing. We shall yet see it...God is using this affliction to teach us of Himself and when it is complete we shall find that we have more than healing." (L. Cowman)

I do believe that God will heal me in this life. It's hard to wait on Him, feel pain, and trust in His will, but I know that He is doing greater eternal things.

Charles and Lettie were living in Los Angeles at the time of Charles' death, where the OMS offices were. I recently visited the cemetery where they are buried to reflect and thank God for the extraordinary things He did through their lives, their suffering, and their faithfulness.

~Aimee Howarth, OMS missionary in Mozambique

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​Building for a Better Future in Mozambique

August 25 2017

Mozambique is not an easy country to do ministry.

Economically, it is depressed, being one of the poorest countries in Africa. Agriculturally, the soil is sandy and plants have a hard time growing. It greatly lacks the lushness often associated with Africa. Politically, it is becoming more stable, but with an active civil war throughout most of the 1990s and numerous political uprisings until the last few years, there is still a state of uncertainty and lack of trust in the government. Educationally, there are limited opportunities. And spiritually, it feels oppressed. Christianity is often associated with the oppressive Portuguese of the past and does not have a good reputation. Yet, in the midst of this, there is hope. Hope for change, hope for a better tomorrow.

OMS has been a part of building that hope. In the past two decades, we have developed a seminary (Maputo Theological Seminary) and a thriving international K-12 school Christian Academy of Mozambique). We are developing ministries that reach out to the physically challenged (Helping Hands), and women and children. And our seminary is growing stronger. The seminary has a commitment to building strong spiritual leaders for a country that needs leadership.

One of those leaders is Pastor Daniel.

Pastor Daniel is one of the early graduates of our seminary. He is a man who loves God and loves Africa. He has worked hard to contextualize the Gospel. Over the years, he has worked hard and become one of our seminary professors and the leader of the OMS church in Mozambique. During the month of August, my wife Jan and I worked alongside our brothers and sisters in the church in Mozambique.

One Sunday morning, we joined his church for service and felt God’s moving in so many ways. The music was lively and active. And throughout the service they celebrated community blessings. Two families had apparently been feuding, but had settled their differences. So, both families went forward, almost 20 people, to celebrate this reconciliation and publicly hugged one another.

A young couple got engaged in front of the congregation. The young man professed his love, went down on one knee, and placed a ring on the young woman’s finger. Then Pastor Daniel sat them down on the front row and began a one-hour sermon on how to have a strong Christian marriage. He was explicit and talked about sexual temptations and fidelity. Overall, we experienced God moving among a people who do their best to reflect God’s character in their society.

This is the type of man I am excited about partnering with—a man who is willing to build and prepare for the future of God’s kingdom in Mozambique.

Your donation today to theological education leadership development allows OMS to partner with men like Pastor Daniel to help him build the church in Mozambique. Would you consider donating to account #408126 so OMS can move forward more strongly in the areas of theological education? Click here to give.

By Rod Dormer, One Mission Society Theological Education Team, Africa

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Maos Ajudando or Helping Hands Ministry in Mozambique

July 10 2015

Can you imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t go to school; if you couldn’t work; if every time you left the house you heard people talking about you in a negative way? You had no value in life. This is the reality for thousands of people in Mozambique who live every day with the reality of a disability. What would Jesus do? How would he treat these people? Would he just walk on by or would he reach out to help? In Mark’s Gospel, chapter 2, we read of a man who had a physical disability. Jesus was teaching in a home and there was a great crowd gathering to hear him. That day, some men decided to go to their friend’s house, put him on a stretcher, and take him to Jesus. He could not go by himself. He was completely dependent.

The crowd didn’t show any care for this man who couldn’t walk. They wouldn’t let them through, and so, the friends of the paralytic resorted to going onto the roof, making a hole, and lowering him to the feet of Jesus! Jesus healed him both physically and spiritually. What if on that day the men decided it was easier to just go and hear Jesus themselves and not take their friend? The paralytic’s life would have been very different. These men saw GREAT NEED, exercised GREAT FAITH in the GREAT POWER and AUTHORITY of Jesus! What a GREAT DIFFERENCE it made! As followers of Jesus, we are called to reach out to those who need a helping hand, just like the paralytic in Jesus’ time. We desire to disciple and mobilize believers to be “Helping Hands” in their communities.

One man’s story who received help from the Helping Hands ministry:

As a teenager, I decided with some friends to flee Mozambique in search of a better life in South Africa. We smuggled ourselves across the border and started to look for ways to survive. Time passed until one day, while crossing the road, I tripped and bruised my leg. As an illegal immigrant, I was afraid to go to the hospital. My leg got worse until I thought I was going to die. I then pleaded with my friends to take me to the hospital. They did, but just dropped me at the entrance and fled. A Brazilian nurse found me and paid for my treatment. I then came back to Mozambique. Over time, my legs became worse and in the end, I had to have both legs amputated. Praise God, I am now going to the Chamanculo church where I am learning about God’s love, grace, and acceptance.”

Another story about how Helping Hands ministry is such a blessing:

After traveling 1112km (690 miles) to the north of Mozambique, we (me and several church leaders) were very well received by an AIM missionary, Claire Weddell, in Chimoio, who fed us and shared how she had joined her friend Fatima in praying for God to provide for her friend’s need - a wheelchair! They had no idea how they could get one, but they trusted God for an answer! Some time later, she went to a training event in South Africa and in God’s providence, she made contact with someone who was aware of our Helping Hands ministry. Contact details were passed along, and soon, we were to receive an email from our friend in South Africa. The rest is history! It was great privilege to leave a wheelchair for Fatima - the answer to her prayer! It is humbling that God should use Helping Hands volunteers and donors to become the answer to someone’s prayer, hundreds, even thousands of kilometers away! Be encouraged, God hears and answers our prayers.

By Melvin Kelly, One Mission Society UK Missionary in Mozambique

Click here to donate to Helping Hands in Mozambique.

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After the Show: OMS Radio Ministry - Larry and Susan Weil

September 13 2013

After the Show: OMS Radio Ministry

We hope you enjoyed last night's (Sunday, Sept. 15) OMS radio program, featuring Larry and Susan Weil, OMS missionaries serving in Mozambique, Africa. It's exciting to share the stories of what God is doing around the world of OMS.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on the program last night.

Would you like to take a short-term trip to Mozambique? How about serving for a longer term as the Mozambique field treasurer? Or maybe your heart was stirred to give to one of the three projects mentioned? ... the Mozambique water project, #407670, the mosquito net project, #407640, or the India flood relief project, #405610 by going here and adding the project number.

Other things mentioned on the program: connect to the One Mission Kids website or OMS Outreach magazine or the OMS-published book, The Vision Lives, by B. H. Pearson, which can be purchased on Amazon or by calling Barb Sandoz at 317.888.3333, ext 313.

We hope you enjoyed the program. If you have any questions, you can email us at radio@onemissionsociety.org.

If you missed the program, you can listen to it at www.onemissionsociety.org/radio, or you can subscribe to our iTunes podcast here.

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Praying for Mozambique

August 16 2013

Praying for Mozambique

Susan Weil and her husband, Larry, have been ministering in Mozambique since One Mission Society began ministry there 17 years ago. They have watched the Mozambican people spiritually mature as God has worked … and continues to work His powerful hand. 

Mozambique is a country on the rise. Growing economically, the cities crowd during a political situation that is fairly stable, and the people of Mozambique are seeing a new hope. 

Even so, tradition still has a strangle-like hold on many Mozambicans. The witchcraft culture, perpetuated by the elders in their communities, keeps the temptation to return back to the old ways constant. 

Susan requests prayer for the church leaders in Mozambique regarding their spiritual journey and growth with the Lord.

She also asks for prayer for the students of the Christian Academy of Mozambique (CAM). While it is an international, Christian school, there are many new families that will be attending who do not have Jesus in their lives. Pray that the other students and faculty of the school will be a testimony to them. Pray that these new children would see this faith as not simply something good or interesting about the school but as a real and loving relationship they can take and own for themselves.

In addition, she requests prayer for the seminary students. Pray that they would continue to live their faith outside of the seminary. 

Finally, she asks for prayer for the Mozambique missionary team. Pray for good health, unity and strength so they can carry out God’s mission to the fullest during their time there. 


Is God calling you to be a worker, either on the front lines or in a support role? View all of the opportunities how God may use you to be a missionary.

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