Mom on a Mission

February 7 2017

Krissy Hagamen was introduced to Dynamic Women in Missions (DW) in 2011 with her church’s women’s retreat. In 2012, a mission opportunity presented itself, but she never thought of herself as a mission trip kind of person. With only days before the deposit was due and small children at home, Krissy was unsure how this would happen. So she decided to go to God in prayer and let him take the lead. This was a huge leap of faith for Krissy, and, as only God can do, he provided in a huge way and made it clear she was supposed to go to Spain.

Throughout the whole process, she was challenged more than once to go outside of her comfort zone to do the work God intended for her. She questioned God about whether she was the right person, but trusting in him, she was shown his plan yet again.

“I felt drawn to DW since the day I was introduced to them,” Krissy writes. “I had been asking God to show me how He wanted to use me, and Dynamic Women has provided that path.”

Krissy is a wife and mother of two young children. She works part time for her family business and pours the rest of her time into her family, friends, church, and volunteering. Krissy has a heart for reaching other women here and abroad to help them know they are loved unconditionally by God and that the challenges we face as women are something that can unite us, not separate us.

She gives thanks for the opportunities and relationships that she has developed through this ministry, and she looks forward to being a part of the advisory board to help grow the DW ministry. She hopes to be an example that women of all ages and backgrounds can serve in missions, even a mom with younger children. “You just have to trust God’s plan,” says Krissy.

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