One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Storly and Kate Michel

February 21 2014

We hope you enjoyed last night's (Sunday, March 8) One Mission Stories, OMS' radio program, featuring OMS missionaries Storly and Kate Michel, serving with Radio for 4VEH in Haiti. Storly is the station manager, and Kate serves as the director of Communications and Marketing for the station. They make their home in Indiana, but they travel to Haiti several times each year.

Everyone has a story ... enjoy the Michels ... and make sure you take the time to share yours!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

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PRAY: Pray for Michels as they make plans to travel to Haiti this summer to spend a month or so there. Pray for funding for the radio station, and pray that the radios would continue to be used to bring people in Haiti to Him.

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Journeying Outside Comfort Zones

April 10 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I sat with three ladies (and a little girl) enjoying the surroundings of Tropical Smoothie, a Caribbean-inspired sandwich & kind-of-healthy fruit smoothies cafe. And as each of them shared why they signed up to join me on my next Haiti mission trip (end of April), I remembered why I LOVE taking people to Haiti.

Because the guys at Men for Missions (the short-term mission teams ministry of One Mission Society) have got it spot on: these trips are part of a life-changing journey, and Storly and I love walking alongside people as their eyes are opened to 'the real world' (the poverty, the daily reality of how most of the world lives), as they allow God to take them way beyond their comfort zones, and as they see God in action in a different context, in ways that blow their minds and break their hearts for the world God loves and came to save.

My next trip at the end of April will be the 8th team from our church here (Community Church of Columbus) since we took up residence in this part of the world. And three of us from CCC (Keri, Karen and me) will be joined by Kelly from Columbus (who was part of last year's trip) and four people (Larry, Debbie, Michael and Amy) from Findlay E-Free church in northern Ohio (who partnered with us with their Christmas offering last year to give to Resounding Hope solar radios).

So, at Tropical Smoothie, I told a story that I want to share with you. Except you get all the background too...

In June 2011, our CCC team visited a small village called Kayemit (Ky-meet), named after a local fruit tree, known in English as Star Apple. I'd been hearing about this village from Medson (our evangelism/radio distribution leader) as a place in need of the Gospel. A pastor from the local town of Quartier-Morin had started to visit this village, saw people's needs there, and felt called by God to start a work there. Our team was happy to be a part.

So, to Kayemit we went. After Luke, Devin, Randy, Tim, and Ken helped fix a flat tire on the van.

We gathered under the shade of a huge tree with Pastor Deusma, Medson and evangelism team, and others from Pastor Deusma's church in Quartier-Morin. We prayed, got instructions on the day's activity (like 'don't randomly give the radios out on the street, only after conversations with people about the Gospel, preferably in their homes or yards', and 'each radio is for the whole family or household, unless you visit with a witch doctor or voodoo priest, then give them one for themselves'). And then we split up, two or three visiting team members, a translator, an evangelism worker and a local guide who knows the community and can direct the group to homes and people most in need of the Gospel.

I usually hover around trying to spend some time with each of the groups, taking pictures, observing, sometimes helping with translation and interpreting some of the cultural stuff that doesn't always get translated effectively. So I started with Ken and Kellie, good friends of ours who had taken a huge step outside their comfort zones to come to Haiti. And there were more steps of faith to come.

I wrote about this day in Men for MissionsActionmagazine, here is an excerpt:

Villagers Hear a New Voice

As we approach the first house, Pastor Joseph Deusma pulls me aside and whispers, “A witch doctor lives here.”

Though we couldn’t see the red and blue flags usually identifying where a witch doctor lives, there were other objects, including a bottle hanging from a tree (used in voodoo ceremonies).

So here we are, on the front lines of the spiritual battles that rage across the earth. This time, in Kayemit village in northern Haiti.

About 800 people call Kayemit home. But in the eyes of Emmanuel Félix (Medson), Radio 4VEH’s Extension Ministries Director, this is ‘virgin territory.’ With no real church presence in the community, the voice of influence belongs to the witchdoctor. Until today.

Visiting missionaries from Community Church of Columbus, Indiana, along with local evangelists first gather under a tree. Emmanuel explains the key to sharing the Gospel in communities where most identify themselves as Christian. ‘Ask about Jesus. What position does Jesus hold in your life?’

(What a great question as we talk with anyone. Not asking how religious you are, how much 'knowledge' you have of God, how often you go to church, how you label yourself, but where is Jesus in your life? Is He Lord?)

At the witch doctor’s house, he’s not home. But we speak with several members of his household, as well as another man visiting. We leave a solar radio for the household, and one for the witch doctor.

Next door, the witchdoctor’s niece combs through her daughter’s hair. When asked about her own faith, she replies she’s a good Catholic, and also dances at the voodoo ceremonies held regularly by her uncle. She wasn’t ready to accept Christ as her personal Savior.

The global prayer resource Operation World explains Haiti’s complex religious context this way: ‘The Roman Catholic Church’s role as the state church ended in 1987…Haitians overwhelmingly identify themselves as “Christian”…An estimated 75 percent of Christians are also actively involved in voodoo, a development of West African Spiritism and witchcraft.’

By the end of the outreach, 51 radios were given out after 70 people heard personal presentations of the Gospel. Three people prayed to receive Christ as their Savior, and 37 people refused Christ.

But now there’s a new voice of influence in Kayemit—Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti—the voice that speaks about Jesus through all kinds of radio programs.

Pastor Deusma says, “Even though people here don’t have a church where they can worship God, they can now hear the Gospel. The radio receivers will help them to hear the Word of God. Listen, you can already hear people listening to the noon prayer program on their little radios!”

“I know it’s a seed that’s been planted today. And God will bring those seeds to fruition. He will produce the fruit. As we leave here, God will do the rest.”

Fast forward two years, to June 2013. We took the Columbus team back to Kayemit, wondering what had happened to those Gospel seeds that had been planted and watered every day through the little radios, and the pastoral care of Pastor Deusma and those working with him.

What a privilege to be standing where a new church has been planted―where the physical space, starting with a few sticks and plastic sheeting, is showing the village that there's a new body of Christ-followers in this place.

Back to the story I was telling at Tropical Smoothie. It was this scene above. One of the highlights of our whole summer in Haiti was this moment when the team prayed for this new church, this pastor ministering in this village, for the new believers here. And the person praying was Kellie, the one who was never comfortable praying out loud. And here she was, praying a prayer of blessing in front of team mates, villagers, friends, and strangers―praying a prayer to her heavenly Father on behalf of these brothers and sisters in Kayemit.

Being alongside people on their life-changing journeys is an absolute honor. What's your life-changing journey look like? And who are you walking alongside of on their stepping-out-in-faith, stretched-by-God journey way beyond their comfort zones?

If you’d like to join us on a life-changing journey, click here for opportunities.

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Multiplying the Gift

February 25 2014

Multiplying the Gift

Altagrace is a single mom. She always has been. 

In order to raise her daughter Esther, Altagrace’s friend introduced to her to me to see if I could use Altagrace’s help in our home (we served as OMS missionaries in Haiti for several years a few years ago). I gladly hired her and began getting to know our new friend. It didn’t take long to realize that Altagrace has a servant’s heart much like that of Christ.

As the story often goes in Haiti, when one member of the extended family has a job, that person is often expected to help out the rest of the family financially. In addition to her own daughter, Altagrace also took in her nephew Wawens to care for him after her sister died and his father was unable to care for him. 

Wawens has been in the Starfish Kid (SFK) program for three years and excels academically. Smiling, Altagrace tells me, “The SFK program has been a huge blessing in my life as I take care of Esther, Wawens, and another niece named Frisline.” If given the chance to meet her sponsor, she would tell them, “Thanks from my heart; I pray God will give you good health and supply your needs so you can continue to bless Wawens and our whole family!”

Photo: Altagrace, center in white, with the Chandler girls

--By Angela Chandler, OMS Communications

If you would like to donate to Starfish Kids, OMS’ child evangelism ministry that uses sponsorship and education to share the Gospel with approximately 7,000 children every day, click here to learn more and to donate.

Also, if you’d like to be matched with a sponsor child, please email Gwen Pinkerton at


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Radio 4VEH Receives NRB Milestone Award

February 18 2014

Radio 4VEH Receives NRB Milestone Award

Praise the Lord with us for all He is doing in and through the ministry of Radio 4VEH in Haiti. We are excited to announce that Radio 4VEH, OMS' Christian radio station in Cap Haitien, Haiti, will receive another prestigious award this year.

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Association announced that Radio 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, will be honored with a Milestone Award at the annual NRB convention later this month.

The Milestone Awards are presented annually to ministries with more than 50 years of continuous ministry in Christian broadcasting. This year, Radio 4VEH is celebrating 64 years of serving God and the Haitian people through radio. Radio 4VEH is one of five ministries to receive a Milestone Award at a ceremony on February 25, 2014, at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the second time that Radio 4VEH has been honored by the NRB. Last year, Radio 4VEH was named NRB International Radio Ministry 2013, for "excelling in radio or audio ministry, exercising integrity and faithfulness to the cause of Christ, while demonstrating unusual effectiveness in impacting the target culture with the Gospel."

OMS missionary and station manager, Rev. Storly Michel (a Haitian), will receive the award on behalf of Radio 4VEH and One Mission Society.

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The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

January 30 2014

The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

Jocelyn, a young Haitian man, has worked with the Homes for Haiti (H4H) project since the beginning. 

Joclyn When he started, he was a day laborer. But later, he received training in block laying and stucco work, so today, he leads the construction crews that lay the foundations for all the homes One Mission Society builds.

Since the beginning of H4H, we have started each work day with devotions at the work site. The Haiti work crew, and anyone else nearby, is always invited to join us. So, over the years, Jocelyn had probably heard about 225 devotions before he responded in February 2013 to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God used countless volunteers, on many of the previous work teams, to touch Jocelyn’s heart and move him to make this life-changing decision.

Homes4Haiti-w-Flag2The January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of Haitians either dead or homeless across the southern portion of the country. The world immediately responded to help with rescue, health care, feeding, and short-term housing needs, including One Mission Society. But most of those groups are no longer assisting in Haiti.

In September 2010, One Mission Society launched Homes for Haiti in response to the great need for safe, reliable housing. In the past four years, OMS (through the leadership of our Men for Mission’s short-term coordinator and H4H director, Bill Evans) has sent 63 teams, with a total of 724 volunteers to build 54 homes for Haitian families. God has greatly blessed the ministry by providing the funds and work teams needed to build these homes. 

Exciting news: OMS is now taking the Homes for Haiti project to a new level! We have purchased land just north of Port au Prince, in a city called Bon Repos, a rapidly growing community. 

Whereas the initial project helped those from OMS-related churches who owned property, the new Bon Repos Project will help the people who cannot afford property or “the poorest of the poor.”  

H4H 7 houseOn this land, approximately 3.18 acres, we will build a community church, install wells, and build 35 new homes. The total cost is $600,000. God has blessed us with needed funds to purchase the property and a 1:1 matching grant for these 35 homes. Each $5,000 given will activate the matching grant and provide shelter for one of Haiti’s poorest families.

Will you consider giving to this life-changing ministry project? Your support will bring great blessing to Haitian families displaced by the earthquake and will help establish a church in this rapidly-growing area near Port au Prince, Haiti. You may donate safely and easily online. Please type in project #408063 for the Bon Repos Project, or you may send your gift directly to:

One Mission Society
PO Box 1648
Monument, CO 80132-1648

We also have opportunities in 2014 to volunteer with OMS to help build one of these houses. If you are interested in participating on a trip (as an individual or a group), please contact Bill Evans at, or register online.

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Matching Grant Challenge for Radio 4VEH

December 6 2013

Matching Grant Challenge for Radio 4VEH

A letter from Rev. Storly Michel, Station Director, Radio 4VEH:

Dear Friends, 

I'm excited to tell you of a tremendous opportunity to double your impact in Haiti through our Christmas Matching Gift Challenge that we're launching today. 

A generous donor has pledged to match every donation given to Radio 4VEH broadcasting during December, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total pledge of $40,000. This means your donation during December is doubled to produce and broadcast twice as many life-changing radio programs to impact people in Haiti.

Click here to make your donation to Radio 4VEH Broadcasting # 469960 by credit card today through One Mission Society.

Your support of Radio 4VEH is a lifeline of hope. Your support will help keep Radio 4VEH on the air as a lifeline to people across Haiti-whether they are facing life-and-death situations, seeking answers to questions of faith, or just battling through the challenges of everyday life.

Your donation today will help produce and broadcast life-changing radio programs in Haitian Creole and French, including Bible teaching, worship music, news, weather warnings, farming advice, and life-saving messages like, "Wash your hands to prevent deadly cholera."

Thanks to our Christmas Matching Gift Challenge, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total match of $40,000. This means, as the Lord enables you, your donation of $50 to sponsor one hour of broadcasting will become $100 to cover two hours of life-changing broadcasts. If you're able, your gift of $1,200 to sponsor one whole day of broadcasting becomes $2,400 to cover two days of radio programs.

Please help us meet this Matching Gift Challenge by making your donation today. Your gift by mail or given online by Dec. 31, 2013 will be doubled as part of the Matching Gift Challenge.

By God's grace, and with your help, we hope to raise $40,000 by Dec. 31, 2013, to receive the full amount of this generous matching gift. Please pray and give as generous a gift as you can to change people's lives in Haiti.

Thank you so much!

May the Lord bless you as you celebrate His coming this Christmas season, 

Rev. Storly Michel, Station Director, Radio 4VEH

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An Attitude of Gratitude

November 26 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

“One man said, he had made enough from his garden this year that he didn’t have to sell one of his animals in order to send his children to school,” writes Dave Graffenberger, a missionary with One Mission Society in Haiti. This line in Dave’s most recent prayer letter to his supporters is a reality for the Majority World. I cannot even imagine what kind of life this man has in Haiti. Sure, I have seen the pictures and read headlines about poverty in Haiti and other places, but reading a sentence like that caused me to pause and ponder. “Do I ever have to make decisions like this?”

The answer is no, but it is not an exuberant “no,” it is a sobering “no,” with the realization that my reality is not what the majority of the world’s reality is on a day-to-day basis. Access to education, medical care, clean water, a home, clean clothes, shoes on my feet, food in my belly are all a matter of choice for me, often a luxury. For the rest of the world, what I consider a choice or luxury is just a matter of survival, and that just makes my mind wonder … why?

As I journey through my life as a Christ follower, I believe He reveals this kind of thing to me for a couple of reasons. First, to bring to my mind all of the blessings I have in my life like my home, clothes, and clean water. Second, recognizing an alternate reality causes me to think differently about what I have, what I want, and what I actually need. Thoughts like this stretch me and bring me to what I desperately need, a change in my attitude. An attitude of thankfulness and gratitude is the third reason I believe the Lord reveals things like this to me. 

Living with an attitude of gratitude changes my perspective. It takes the focus off me and puts it where it should be … on the Lord. He is worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise. Happy Thanksgiving!

―Beth Jordal, OMS missionary, serving in Communications

Is God calling you to be a missionary, either on the front lines or in a support role? View all of the opportunities how God can use you to be a missionary. Contact Brent Morrell at 317.888.3333, ext. 391 or for more information.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Jason Campbell

October 4 2013

One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Jason Campbell

We hope you enjoyed last night's (Sunday, Oct. 6) One Mission Stories, OMS' radio program, featuring Jason Campbell, OMS missionary serving in Communications with radio and kids' ministries.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on the program last night.

If you would like to know more about any of our ministries in Haiti, including: Radio 4VEH, English ministries, or Cowman International School, please contact us at If you would like to give a gift to any of these ministries, you can do so online. Just type the ministry name and amount you'd like to give.

Would you like to participate on a short-term mission trip? We have opportunities of all types to many places, including many options to Haiti.

You can also get to know a lot more about our mission resources for children called One Mission Kids. You can purchase the new VBS called Good News Reporters in Training, which is a missions-based curriculum. You can also purchase our music CD of children's mission songs or our books for kids from our series, Champions of the Great Commission: A Good and Useful Man and Steel Valleys. If you prefer, you can order any of these things by calling Barb Sandoz at OMS at 317.888.3333, ext. 313.

Have fun exploring and please tune in to next week's One Mission Stories to hear the testimony of OMS missionary Judy Amos as she shares her stories of ministry in Japan.

If you have any questions, you can email us at

If you missed this program or any of our previous programs, you can listen to it at, or click on the subscribe link to subscribe to our iTunes podcast, so you're sure not to miss any of the future shows!


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The Blind Will See...and Hear

August 26 2013

The Blind Will See...and Hear

In Dec 2012, I was with a team made up of university students from the Indy area, my daughter Shelly, daughter Kim and her family of six. We were going to Haiti to build a Homes for Haiti house. The home was for Randishe and Santhia, along with their young son Johnny. We didn't get the home finished in December, but I returned with a team from Colorado in early January and finished the home. During these two trips, I fell in love with this family. Randishe works at a school, and Santhia sells things to help earn money. 

They were very much a part of the working team on this home. Randishe helped carry things and do whatever when not at school. Santhia carried water all daylong for the cement work, which was a long steep walk. When Santhia found we liked local coffee, she not only carried water to the site but brought us coffee each day. 

We met the extended family members of this couple, several of whom would be living with them in this new home. One of these family members is Randishe's sister Beatrice. Beatrice is in her late 20s and has been blind since birth. She lost her mother when she was several months old. The day of the house dedication, I was visiting with Beatrice and asked her what God was doing in her life. Her response was how God was blessing her with friends. She said, "I never get discouraged." Later, one of the team asked about the earthquake and if she was scared. Beatrice replied, "Why would you be afraid when you have Jesus?"

The house was finished and we returned home. I shared with several the story of the blind girl, and OMS MK, Sharon Mishler, told me that a group from North Carolina sent in an audio Bible to be used. She said the NC team didn't have time to give it to her, which was OK with me as I would be going in February with a team from Philadelphia and some from Sabetha, Kansas, and could take it to her. That was a fun day as another team had the chance to meet the family and present her with the audio Bible. She loved it. Two days later, they let us know it quit working so we picked it up and brought it home. I went back in March, so I brought a new one. Again, another team got to meet her and fell in love with her as well. As we presented it to her, it was neat to watch her other brother guide her fingers over the box to turn it on and off. Beatrice loved the new Bible “box.”

Two months later, home in Kansas on a rainy day, I thought of her and many people who got to meet her. I felt a little of a God nudge, so I called to see if the audio was still working on her radio and to see how she was doing. When she heard my voice, she was excited and knew right away who it was and wondered how all my family was doing. She asked about the different team members that had been there as she didn't realize how far it is from Kansas to Colorado and then to Arizona. Beatrice said everyone was doing well in the family and that the new Bible box was working great. 

I want to thank everyone who worked on the different teams, those who gave the audio Bible, those who gave funds―for touching a special family, and a very special young lady. The H4H project has touched many lives, those in Haiti, as well as the lives of those who have given and those who have gone.

―Bill Glace, One Mission Society Board member and super volunteer

Is God calling you to be a worker, either on the front lines or in a support role? View all of the opportunities how God may use you to be a missionary.

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Multiply the Well

July 30 2013

Multiply the Well

Kenel Clovis Claudion, a professor in elementary school, was recommended by Pastor Exalus of Port Margo mother church to be a church planter. He planted a station at Bois Gauche in the area of Port Margo.  They meet in the courtyard of the parents of Luxima Cassandra.

Trainer Janiel has trained Kenel for three years. An Uncle of Kenel died through magic of Voodoo.  The same people who killed his uncle wanted to kill him also.

After Kenel’s uncle died on Wednesday night 17 August 2011, he was sleeping. He woke up suddenly as if a dog had barked.  He said “Lord, take control of me”.  

Some minutes later he felt his body had been hit hard on his left leg.  He cried “Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  When he got up in the morning his left leg was swollen and very painful. These same events happened also the nights of August 19 and 26.  He thought he was going to die.  He talked with his Trainer Janiel so he could pray with him.  They PRAYED! After this the attacks ceased.

At this time they were studying the building of the wall by Nehemiah from the Train and Multiply booklet # 20. Kenel came to realize that even though the enemy was persecuting him he needed to stand fast in his faith.   God was working for him.

He said “Through ECC I find support in my walk with Christ and through Train and Multiply, I have a greater desire to announce the Good News and put God’s word into practice.” Kenel said, “I am praying to God that this program will touch the world”. Please pray with us that this ministry will be very fruitful in my area of Bois Gauche.”  

The situation now:

He has married and continues in the ministry.  There are now 38 people attending the Bois Gauche Station meetings.  Kenel has trained a young woman, Luxima Cassandra who has planted a station at Bertin with a mother and four children who to this time have not yet accepted Christ.  She is also training Doudalande.

God continues to multiply disciples through the lives of His faithful servants. 

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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