One Mission Stories "After the Show" - Dean Davis

April 29 2014

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (April 19) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring Dean Davis, executive director for OMS' evangelism and church planting ministry, Every Community for Christ.

The program features Dean's testimony and his calling to missions, as well as many stories about his short-term trip to Colombia, his many years of service in Ecuador to the Saraguro people, and now his work in ECC, which allows him to travel about seven times a year all around the world.

Hear all about what a "person of peace" is ...

Learn about the Loja (Ecuador) Challenge 2015!

Everyone has a story ... enjoy Dean's!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

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PRAY: Pray for Dean (and his wife Gail) ... pray for more workers for the harvest, especially needed are church multiplication facilitators (CMFs). Pray also for the ECC work in Bulgaria and for the newly translated training material--that it would be used to effectively grow the church there and that the Bulgarian people would have new hope in Jesus!

If you would like to pray for other OMS needs, visit our OMS prayer wall.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Randy Spacht

February 18 2014

One Mission Stories "After the Show" -- Randy Spacht

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (Feb. 16) One Mission Stories, OMS' radio program, featuring Randy Spacht, OMS executive director of International Ministries.

It's exciting to share the stories of what God is doing around the world of OMS.

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on the program Sunday night.

If you would like to know more about the prison ministry or Biblical Seminary of Colombia, please contact us at If you would like to give an easy, one-time gift to either of these ministries, you can do so online. Just type in project #300530 (prison)or #300520 (seminary).

Would you like to participate on a short-term mission trip? We have opportunities of all types to many places.

Finally, the book featured on our "Off the Shelf" segment was Margaret Bonnette's, Yippee in My Soul!: The story of a missionary nurse in the remote mountains of Haiti. You can purchase it in our Amazon web store or by calling Barb Sandoz at OMS at 317.888.3333, ext. 313.

Have fun exploring and please tune in to next week's One Mission Stories to hear from Storly and Kate Michel, serving with Radio 4VEH.

If you have any questions, you can email us at

If you missed the program, you can listen to it at, or click on the subscribe link to subscribe to our iTunes podcast, so you're sure not to miss any of the shows!


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There's Just Something About That Name

September 20 2013

There's Just Something About That Name

As I left customs, a young man offered to take my two suitcases, which I was handling just fine. However, I asked him his name, and he said, “Christian!” I told him the meaning and asked if he would like to be like Jesus! "Si, you gave my father, Mario, a Bible once! God transformed him from being an alcoholic." Right there, we prayed together, and Christian began his new life in Jesus. 

My ride pulled up, and I loaded the car, but then I noticed two traffic officers. I greeted them and asked the first one his name. "Javier," he responded with a smile. "Your name means "a new house.” Wouldn't you like a new house in heaven?" I asked.

"Not now," he laughed. I continued, "But wouldn't you like to reserve a new house in heaven right now?" He answered, "Certainly, how do I do that?" … Another precious soul came into the kingdom. His partner was not to be left out. "Arturo? That was my father's name too!" It means "noble hero," I said. Arturo, a seeking heart, asked Jesus to be Savior, Lord, and King of his life." What joy! There is nothing like it.

And one final story about a trip I took into Bellavista, a large prison in Medellin, Colombia, once one of the most violent prisons in the world. I went to find Jeobany. Several of the staff had tried with no luck. A month had gone by since his capture. I found Christian (different from the one mentioned above), a young fellow I had previously led to the Lord, and we went in search of Jeobany, but we had no luck. I waited in the patio as he untiringly called out his name in all the wings. The brothers from the chapel came, and I gave them the things I had for him. I told them Jeobany's story, (he was caught driving a stolen car). They assured me they would take care of him. I left without seeing him. But during my hour and a half waiting in the patio, I saw 31 men accept Jesus as their Savior, including two prison guards. Each received a New Testament.   

Friday, I went back in search of Jeobany. After searching and searching, I felt a hand on my shoulder. An unshaved, wooly Jeobany hugged me. It drew attention in the wing, and I soon was surrounded by inmates. I asked several what their real names were, then told them the meaning. Then, everyone wanted to know his own name's meaning. This is a great way of connecting. They all burst into laughter when I told one fellow, Santiago, what his name meant … engaño, to cheat, deceive. That is how they all got into prison! With a good group of men around me, I shared the Good News and invited them to accept Jesus! A male chorus belted out the sinner's prayer. A priceless moment. Each received a new NT. Then, I told Santiago, "The Truth, now lives in you. You no longer need to live up to your name as you have in the past." I prayed for them, knowing the hardships all of them are going through. The prison is terribly crowded. Jeobany slept in the bathroom his first night. The stairways are packed with bodies at night with no room to walk. Bellavista has almost five times more prisoners than it should…over 7,000, and it was built to house 1,500 men.

"Before the Christians redeemed this place with Jesus' blood, the prisoners chopped up dead bodies and put them into garbage bags. Today, men come out of here transformed to serve the Living God," I told them. 

Then, a number of brothers in the Lord surrounded Jeobany. I asked him if he wanted to come back to Jesus. Humbly, Jeobany asked Jesus to forgive him and to do a new work in him. I prayed for him, then, we hugged. A different look shone in his eyes. Thank you, Jesus, I prayed inwardly, continue the work you began in him when he first asked you into to his life as an eight-year-old in my father's old workshop on the seminary campus. "Jeobany, this is now your family in prison. My brothers want to help you. Seek them out." I left with a full heart, rejoicing in the Spirit's work - a lost sheep was found.

--Jeannine Brabon, OMS missionary, serving in Colombia

Do you want to make a difference in the life of someone. One Mission Society has many opportunities to serve the Lord!

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Pray for IGLEICO Children Evangelism in Colombia

June 27 2013

Pray for IGLEICO Children Evangelism in Colombia

This weekend IGLEICO is holding its annual assembly when all pastors gather for worship and denominational meetings. Our ECC Coordinator for IGLEICO, Richard Herrera, has planned an evangelism event with the children who will be attending. They will be trained to use several evangelism methods and then put them into practice in the community while their families are attending the convention. 

We were so excited by Richard's plan because it goes beyond providing the usual children's program to showing the pastors how children can be used of God to lead others to Christ. At the conclusion of the convention the children will present each superintendent with an evangelism kit including each method they learned. 

Several OMS donors responded to an invitation to participate by sending soccer balls with the colors of the wordless book and 100 special children's Evangecubes. Richard sent this photo of Remberto Barrios pictured with one of the soccer balls and an Evangecube. 

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

March 18 2013

From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

Growing up in a poor home in Medellín, Colombia, Alex learned from a very young age how to clean, carry and fire guns. With a father who was a criminal, Alex was expected to grow up into this same life.

During his adolescent years, Alex’s father joined the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or People’s Army, which is a Colombian Marxist-Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization involved in the continuing Colombian armed conflict since 1964. Many of Alex’s brothers joined their father in this guerilla fighting.

After joining a gang, Alex started following in his father’s footsteps, living the life of a criminal. Alex was given several “jobs” to do, as he was learning to be a hit man for this gang and the drug cartel. He was destined to become a permanent member of the hit squad of the cartel or a member of the FARC.

Like many young people in Colombia, Alex had three passions―guns, girls and soccer, probably in that order. Although Alex loved the first two, he would never pass up an opportunity to play soccer.

One of his friends invited him to try out for a soccer team. At the first practice, his coach began by telling Alex and the other teammates that God loved them and that the coach personally cared for each member of the team.

The word LOVE had never been spoken in Alex’s house, at least not by his parent’s saying that they loved him or cared for him. Something started changing inside of Alex.

Through this ministry at the OMS-related Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC), Alex learned about Jesus, and put his trust in Him. After receiving word that his son had made this life-changing decision, a decision to turn away from the guns and the gangs, Alex’s father beat him and threatened to kill him.

These actions did not stop Alex’s passion for his new belief or for the ministry of CUSC. Alex moved up the ranks in the CUSC from a player, to assistant coach, to coach. He now serves as the director of the sports program and is working toward his doctorate in sports ministry, continuing to use soccer to help kids turn toward Jesus.

Would you like to see more children from Colombia come to know Jesus? Would you donate to help this ministry continue to change the lives of people like Alex. Without CUSC, Alex would either be dead, in prison or still living his life as a criminal.

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Planting Churches in Colombia

February 25 2013

Planting Churches in Colombia

Each week, OMS missionary Greg Carlson, church multiplication facilitator (CMF) for Colombia and Ecuador, speaks to One Mission Society’s church planters through Skype. Through encouragement, praying and coaching, Greg is able to train these nationals to stay focused on evangelism and church planting.

The role of a CMF is vital to increasing the number of lives changed and churches planted around the world through Every Community for Christ, the church multiplication catalyst for OMS.

Seeing the need for evangelism teams in Colombia, Greg also has recruited two teams to share the Gospel in various cities in Colombia. It took two visits with Jeff, the father of Greg’s son’s friend, to encourage him that this was a short-term trip Jeff should participate in.

After saying yes, Jeff did not know what he had gotten himself into. He was very nervous, as his only travels outside of the United States was to Canada for vacation.

Now, Jeff found himself, with his teenage son, in Colombia talking to Colombians about Jesus. At the first home he went to, he began sharing his testimony with the woman who answered the door.

Before he could even complete his whole testimony, the woman started to cry. Jeff did not know why she was crying or what was happening.

While walking to the next house, the interpreter told Jeff that he had just saved this woman’s life. Three days earlier, this woman had attempted suicide, not having anything to live for. Then, Jeff told her that Jesus loved her, something she had never heard before.

This team went on to change 64 people’s lives that day, as others accepted Christ as their Savior. Jeff realized why he had been called to go on this trip.

Mobilizing individuals to go overseas on short-term evangelism trips is just one aspect of the joyous career of being a church multiplication facilitator.

Do you desire to help others plant more churches around the world? Is God calling you to be a missionary that travels to foreign countries but reside in your home country? If so, the CMF role may be for you. Contact OMS today.

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Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

November 30 2012

Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

While attending Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS) in Wilmore, Kentucky, Chris and Heather did not know what their future held. They felt they were called to serve as missionaries, but with many organizations to choose from, how would they decide.

During the annual mission conference at ATS, Chris and Heather met Paul Cox, director of Mobilization for One Mission Society. After a wonderful conversation at the OMS booth, Paul invited them to OMS’ “explore your call to missions” event called OneWeekend, which happened to be taking place two weeks later.

Following those events, Paul and his wife, Dawn, stayed in touch with Chris and Heather, helping to answer many different questions regarding missionary life, serving in a foreign country and raising support.

When Chris and Heather visited OMS’ World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana, on several occasions, Paul and Dawn invited them to their house for meals, prayer, coaching and encouragement. Paul and Dawn shared their experiences, including the joys and challenges of raising children in a foreign country.

After more than two years, Chris and Heather made their decision to come alongside OMS to work with Every Community for Christ, a ministry of OMS, to help saturate Antioquia, a province in Colombia, with the Gospel of Christ. They will also work with the national church in Colombia to help train, send and equip Colombian missionary candidates who are preparing to take the Gospel around the world.

Chris and Heather are not just another missionary couple, another employee or someone to fill an open slot, they are part of the large OMS family. From the time they met OMS at the mission conference until they get on the plane to go to Colombia, Paul and his team coach them, encourage them and walk with them step by step through the process of becoming a missionary.

Do you have a desire to see lost people come to know Christ? Would you like to work alongside OMS’ national church partners? Is there a desire to serve in a support role for these?

Maybe God is calling you to be a missionary. If you would like more information about OMS’ OneWeekend or information on how you can start down the road to becoming a missionary, please contact the Mobilization Department.

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