​Wanna Help an MK?

November 15 2016

Amazing things can happen when people get together and have a casual conversation.

In this instance, one person was a concerned constituent from Kansas and the other two were OMS missionaries, serving with Men for Missions. The topic of conversation: Were the parents of MKs able to help their kids with college education on their missionary salaries? Out of that casual conversation in the mid-1970s an OMS-USA scholarship fund was started.

Today, depending on how many MKs apply, The Crews, Gibson, Spate Scholarship Fund awards 10-15 scholarships to our OMS-USA college MKs. We’re thankful to be able to award these scholarships each year, and the MKs are always very thankful to receive them. The scholarships are relatively small and with the soaring costs of continuing education, we would love to see the fund increased.

Our college MKs are great kids studying in various fields, but one thing they all have in common … college debt! Another is that they all love the Lord.

Would you consider blessing an MK this Christmas with a gift to the scholarship fund? With your gift, you become part of the answer to that casual conversation that was started so long ago.

By Deanna Cathcart, Missionary Kid (MK) Ministries Coordinator

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