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July 15 2016

The Fletchers’ Story

One Mission Society sends out missionaries all over the world, but what goes on behind the scenes before those missionaries hit the field?

Joshua Fletcher, with his wife Allison and three kids, have been accepted as OMS missionaries to Cuenca, Ecuador, and have been preparing for their departure through raising financial and prayer support and spreading the message of where God is calling them to serve.

Joshua felt a call to Ecuador after he had been in ministry for almost 14 years serving as a pastor, artist, and writer. His home church, where he worked, focused heavily on missions, so he had the opportunity to go on several mission trips over the years. After one particular trip, Joshua felt a stirring in his heart, and during a period at home when he came down with an illness, the Lord told him to go to Cuenca.

Allison, being a former missionary kid in Ecuador, had always wanted to return to that country. When Joshua told her about God’s calling, her dream rekindled. At that time, the Fletchers didn’t know they would serve in Ecuador with OMS. All they knew was that they said yes to God’s calling and would wait to see what God wanted them to do.

After Joshua and Allison prayed and sought God’s will, they felt him telling them to “go with your heritage.” Allison’s parents had been missionaries in Ecuador through One Mission Society; therefore, understanding that their missionary heritage is with OMS, the Fletchers applied there. Their application went through and was accepted, and they attended OMS orientation in March 2015. Throughout the whole process, they felt like this was the place God called them to be.

Taking further steps of obedience, the Fletchers began to raise prayer support and funds for their missionary journey to Ecuador, and they put their house on the market. Their home sold within three days with three investors bidding for it.

With their house sold, the Fletchers have been living at a friend’s home since May 2015. During this time of behind-the-scenes work in preparation for the mission field, the Fletchers continue to take steps of faithful obedience to God and look toward their time in Ecuador.

Joshua and Allison aim to be liaisons in Cuenca, to work alongside pastors and churches and encourage them in their spiritual journeys. Joshua will also teach and train people in theological education. He sees God moving in Ecuador through the potential relationships and continual spiritual growth between people—not just in the good situations but also in the conflicts. Joshua sees an environment where missionaries don’t necessarily lead the churches and people but come alongside them and encourage them, especially through their conflicts. Through these relationships, people from all backgrounds and cultures can be more like Jesus.

One of the ways that Joshua shares this vision during the funding process is through his art. Through his paintings that are full of blended colors and bold strokes, Joshua not only puts his heart on the canvas in worship, but he also can share spiritual truths and his family’s calling to Ecuador. He hopes to use his artistic skills while in Ecuador to minister to the people and to worship God.

The first piece that Joshua created as an act of worship, a watercolor painting titled “Helser’s Tree,” is a work that is “the fruit of an encounter with God, the meaning of which I am fleshing out every time I paint” (taken from Joshua’s booklet “Masterpieces With a Mission”).

The tree in Joshua’s painting thrives. It is full of vibrant leaves on a hill of green and brown, designed in a way that might remind someone of a stained-glass window. This painting may be finished, but it stands as a reminder that God’s work is still not yet complete. The more Joshua paints and worships, the more he grows to understand God’s will and relationship with him.

In a way, the painting parallels the Fletchers’ journey to the Ecuador mission field and the belief they hold close to their hearts: that they must take steps of faith, say yes to God out of obedience and love, and await the Lord’s mighty hand to continually work in their lives. With each brushstroke—with each step closer to the mission field—the Fletchers’ encounter with God grows and develops.

Please take a moment to pray for the Fletchers on their journey to Ecuador. Pray that they will continue to take steps of faith and that God will speak to them and guide them, in both behind-the-scenes work and on the mission field.

To learn more or to donate toward the Fletchers’ mission, visit

By Jess Mitchell, summer communications intern

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​Contemplative Questions from a Hungarian Bath

June 22 2016

Fall break in Budapest: My journey to OMS headquarters

“Have you thought about what you want to do?”

I stared at my friend Lauren Pupillo (an OMS missionary serving in Hungary) as we sat in the gigantic Gellért thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary. People lounged in the warm, jacuzzi-like pools, but I stiffened up when Lauren asked me that question.

What I want to do … with my life? I wasn’t sure.

I had studied abroad for the fall semester during my junior year in Florence, Italy. During my fall break, with encouragement from Lauren, I traveled to Budapest for the week. Lauren graciously opened her home to me and showed me around the city. I saw museums, government buildings, historical landmarks and memorials, tried amazing food, learned more about Hungarian culture, and saw Lauren and her fellow missionaries at One Mission Society (OMS) work together to create programs and witness to the Hungarians about Jesus Christ.

Amidst the fun and chaos of that week, there were moments, like the moment in the baths, where we both could be still and quiet and just talk together. It was refreshing. But the question of what I wanted to do in the future always made me squirm.

I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do that upcoming summer, let alone after graduation.

I told Lauren that I wanted to apply for internships but wasn’t sure where to look, and she mentioned that One Mission Society offered internships in the summer.

That was the last time we talked about that topic for the rest of the week. After that, we continued to explore, and I continued to see Lauren and the others in action on the mission field. They lived together and served God together. I quickly fell in love with the city that they loved, and I was fascinated with the work they were doing to reach out to people. I was awestruck at their selflessness and spur-of-the-moment service to organize projects or help people in need, as well as the struggles that came with it.

When I returned to Italy, I started my internship search. I hadn’t forgotten Lauren’s plug about OMS, so I went to their site and came across a summer communications/journalism internship at the OMS headquarters in Indiana. Having a major in journalism (the second in theatre), I was instantly drawn to the opportunity to work at an organization I was familiar with, having the privilege of telling stories about the work that was going on in the world for God’s glory.

I didn’t wait and connected with OMS immediately to start the application process. That was in November. Months later, after I returned from Italy and started my spring semester at my university, I got a call from Greenwood, Indiana. I had gotten the position.

Fast forward to May of 2016. After a long day of travel, I finally made it to Indiana to start my OMS summer internship. Looking back on the whole process, I have to praise God for the opportunity. Who knew a simple invitation to spend a week in Budapest would bring about a two-month writing internship?

I am excited and full of energy as I begin this summer at One Mission Society. But I know there will be some big challenges. Apart from the multiple projects the Communications Department has to work on, I also have to circle back to the question Lauren asked me months ago in Budapest: what do I want to do? But the question has lost some urgency in my mind as I look around at where I am and who I’m surrounded by. The people at One Mission Society, here at headquarters and abroad in places like Budapest, have something contagious in them. There’s no mistaking the presence of God here. There’s no mistaking the passion they have for that “One Mission” of spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. So now, instead of constantly thinking about myself and my future career, the bigger question that arises is this:

How can I do what I am called to do right now with that same passion?

Ever since arriving, I am constantly thanking God for bringing me here. I can see His hand guiding me since my time abroad. I pray that I can feel His guiding hand again as I seek to do His work and answer this new question on my mind while working at OMS.

From Budapest to Greenwood and beyond, I look forward to this journey ahead of me.

Jess Mitchell serves as a summer Communications intern at the OMS World HQ in Greenwood, Indiana.

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One Mission Stories "After the Show" - Susan Loobie

May 9 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

We hope you enjoyed Sunday night's (May 11) One Mission Stories, OMS' one-hour missionary interview-style radio program, featuring Susan Loobie, director of Communication at the OMS World HQ. Susan has been involved in missions for the past 25 years and at OMS for the last 10 1/2.

The program features Susan's testimony and her calling to missions, as well as many miraculous stories about how God saved her life.

Everyone has a story ... enjoy Susan's!

Here are our "After the Show" resources to better connect you with things you heard about on last night's program.

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PRAY: Susan ask for prayer for Bob Fetherlin, the new OMS President, beginning in July 2014. Pray for his transition and the work on new promotional material needed for this from Susan and her team. Also pray for Susan's family--with three teen and pre-teen kids, her hands are full. Pray that each would grow up in Jesus. Praise the Lord for the many times He has rescued Susan from health trials.

If you would like to pray for other OMS needs, visit our OMS prayer wall.

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