Busy Jewish Student Needs Prayer

March 22 2016

As a Jew, about once every three months, I like to participate in the Jews for Jesus campaigns. With my Jewish brothers, I teach the New Testament on Saturdays, in addition to my regular church responsibilities on Sundays.

This semester at MECS, I have some classes I enjoy and some that are not as practical. One class that is useful in ministry is my counseling course. I am involved in ministry at a Center of Social Adaptation (our church reaches out to its inhabitants). There are many abused people in recovery at the center, and I want to apply some of the knowledge and skills I’m gaining in counseling there.

I really enjoy my church music and Russian language & rhetoric classes. I also love our church leadership course! It is based on the history makers curriculum and led by a true leader – pastor of a church and doctor of ministry. It is awesome!

Sometimes it can be tough to carry on with all the responsibilities in my church, along with Jews for Jesus ministry, and the seminary course work. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

—Yakov Efremenko, MECS student

Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary was founded in 1992 by One Mission Society. MECS’ reputation as a premier theological training institution continues to grow as former students spread the word. The seminary offers theology, church ministry, youth ministry, and camp ministry degrees at both the master’s and bachelor’s levels. While studying, students enjoy a hands-on experience as part of their course work, in addition to service in local churches. The seminary is located in Russia’s capital city, Moscow, and is directed by Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Tsoutserov. Currently, there are approximately 100 students studying at the seminary.

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