Honoring Randy and Linda Spacht

July 7 2015

On June 25, One Mission Society surprised longtime OMS missionaries Randy and Linda Spacht with a special celebration to honor their service and contributions to OMS over the past 38 years. Randy, who has served in many capacities over the last four decades, is stepping down from his position of executive director of International Ministries to help OMS grow in new ways. Throughout his time at OMS, Randy has mainly worked in leadership development. Linda has served in several administrative positions and most recently has worked with the Development Department. Several staff members shared about the impact the Spachts have had on them personally.

Christina Santos, executive ministry assistant in the International Ministries Department, spoke first. She explained that Randy and Linda care about the people they work with. When Christina and her husband Jay adopted a child, Randy allowed her a flexible schedule so that she could be home with the baby. Linda provided motherly guidance and care. Christina expressed her gratitude for Linda’s involvement saying, with tears in her eyes, “Linda takes joy in my daughter.” The Spachts were the first to visit the Santos’ when their child came home.

Dean Davis, the International Director of Every Community for Christ, shared about Randy saying, “I can’t remember a time when Randy hasn’t made time for me.” Dean continued explaining that in his numerous positions, Randy has always focused on empowering people by teaching them strategies to study the Bible and showing leaders how to equip, empower, and send out their teams.

OMS’ current President, Bob Fetherlin, shared that when OMS was in need of leadership in Colombia in 1999 Randy put aside his PHD program to fill that position. David Long, former President of OMS, commented, “There’s hardly one part of OMS not touched by this man in the last couple years.”

Jonathan and Lupita Morton have known the Spachts for almost 20 years. Jonathan relayed Randy’s ability to listen with both his heart and his head. Having offices next to each other for seven years, Jonathan said, “It’s easy to plan actions, but reactions speak to a person’s character. In hard times, I’ve seen the person of Christ demonstrated in Randy’s reactions.” Lupita thanked Linda for the kindness and compassion she has shown their family. She said to Linda, “Thank you for loving me, my boys, and for being grandparents to my kids.”

Being described as “torch-bearers,” the Spachts were presented with a firepit and s’mores supplies to enjoy as a gift of appreciation.

After the touching testimonies, Randy went to the front to thank everyone and joked, saying, “I’ve had the privilege of attending my own eulogy.” He then turned to his wife, asking her to stand beside him. Randy told a short anecdote about a young Colombian man who was on the verge of quitting seminary. Linda saw him in distress, gave him a hug, and the man decided to stay in seminary, going on to serve the Lord with his life. Randy attributed his effectiveness in ministry to God and the woman he blessed him with, Linda.

This special honoring ceremony was touching to witness as OMS came together to show appreciation for two very special people. It was an event that one missionary missed his master’s degree graduation ceremony to attend, and one that has solidified the meaning of the term “OMS family.”

You can learn more about the Spachts here.

-Laura Johnson, Summer 2015 Communications Intern

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