A God of the Impossible

July 21 2015

For his church’s 60th anniversary celebration this pas weekend, OMS missionary in Asia, Dave Aufrance, shares the testimony of one of their former sisters in Christ from Ethiopia who has now been resettled in Canada. The story is one of those things that only God could arrange. We share the story with her permission. Her name is Ada, and this an amazing thing God did for her.

I baptized Ada in the spring of 2014 at our church anniversary service. She had been baptized as an infant, as was the custom in her country, but she wanted to do it again as an adult, now that she understand what it really meant. Ada was part of our church most of the three years she was in Asia.

Last October, Ada got word from the UN that she was going to be resettled in Calgary, Canada. When I heard that news, I thought …“Ah, two of my former students, Randy and Wendy Lui live there. I wrote to him and told him that Ada would be coming there in November, and I wondered if his family was willing to take Ada under their wings, so to speak, to help her get settled and connected there. I also connected Ada, Randy and Wendy on Facebook so they could communicate beforehand and try to answer any questions. Randy and Wendy were very happy to help her and even take her into their home for Christmas. Everything was arranged, and Ada was happy that she would know someone when she arrived in Calgary.

Two weeks before Ada was to leave, she got word that …no, she was not going to Calgary, but to Halifax, which is more than 5,000 kilometers away! Ada did not know anyone there, and neither did I. So when she came to church that next Sunday, she was disappointed and crying. We did our best to try to comfort her, and we reminded her that God had preserved her life in getting her out of Ethiopia and that he somehow had a plan, even in this seemingly unfortunate situation. Cindy (my wife) prayed that God would give her some good friends in Halifax.

So, Ada got on the plane in mid-November and left for Halifax. Over a week later, I saw she was online on Facebook, so asked her how it was going in Halifax.

She told me that after she had been there for about a week, she was riding in a taxi. She got to talking to the taxi driver and found out he was from Ethiopia. In fact, she said he reminded her a little bit of her dad. As they continued to talk, it turned out that the taxi driver was her uncle …her dad’s brother! Ada and her family did not even know he was alive. Her uncle had also left Ethiopia, and the last they had heard from him was when he was in a refugee camp in Kenya. For all they knew, he had died there! Then, God arranged it so that Ada needed to ride in a taxi, and the driver was her uncle, an uncle she did not even know was alive, who “just happened” to also live in Halifax,Canada!

We serve a God of the impossible. I get teary-eyed when I tell the story. I hope it encourages you as well. Even when we can’t understand what God is doing, we can be assured he is working things out to our benefit.

This is Ada (center), along wither her uncle and his family in Halifax, Canada.

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