Change of Plans: Reflections from an OMS Summer Intern

August 14 2014

Four years ago, I made a conscious decision to attend a secular university. After looking at a few different schools, God made it obvious that Ball State University was where he wanted me. For journalism news majors, like myself, at Ball State, it is pretty much assumed that every student’s dream is to work for CNN or the New York Times. If national news isn’t the dream, local news better be the top priority.

So, when I told my professor that I was going to intern at a Christian mission organization, she was less than thrilled. In fact, I was told to rethink my life. I was shocked and angry, but little did she (or I!) know, that was exactly what I was going to do throughout my internship with One Mission Society.

From the first day of my internship when the Communications Department started singing songs from the “Frozen” soundtrack, I realized that those who work at OMS aren’t employees or coworkers … they’re a family. The people who walk the halls of OMS headquarters included me in their family. Though I was only there for 10 weeks, so many people went out of their way to ask about my life. I wasn’t just known about … I was known. It made me realize that this is the kind of place where I will want to work, and I want to thank OMS for treating me less like an intern and more like Christina.

I realized quickly that the atmosphere that I loved every day was possible because God is central in everything. Everything wasn’t always perfect or easy, but I found a lot of joy knowing that my work helped further the kingdom of God. That being said, the need for prayer became so much more evident to me this summer. I grew up in a Christian home and continue to attended church every Sunday, but prayer was never a regular part of my life. This summer, I saw the power of prayer through the people of OMS. I saw the relationships they have with Jesus, and I began to think about the impact that prayer could and should be having on my own life.

Sometime during the first week of my internship, I actually said the sentence “I’ve never felt called to go overseas.” I never thought that I had a reason to go overseas. I’m not a teacher, and I certainly don’t have seminary experience. My theological knowledge, compared to what I thought missionaries should have, is lacking. However, throughout my internship, I was reminded that God doesn’t ask all of us to attend seminary and learn how to read the Bible in different languages, but he does ask us to use the talents he has given us according to his will. Now, 11 weeks after that first week of my internship, I am planning a trip this winter to Hungary to work with the OMS team there and to help them with some communication needs.

I’m sure that this is not at all what my professor had in mind when she told me to rethink my life, but as I look back on the past 11 weeks, I’m realizing that this is exactly what God had in mind.

By Christina Franks, OMS Summer Intern, Communications Department

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