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April 2 2019

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South Asia Floods and Migration Bring Heartbreak

October 16 2017

Although we don’t hear much about this in the news, especially in light of all the many other disasters around the world, South Asia has experienced unprecedented flooding in the past few months.

Heavy rains raised the water levels of 18 rivers, submerging most of the 20 districts in the north. More than 3.3 million people are homeless in a nation already suffering. The floods claimed the lives of more than 1,200 people, and many more are still missing. Millions of lives are still in danger, as well as their homes, agricultural production, and livestock. These recent floods break all of the previous records, which says a lot.

Most victims lost all their belongings and now are struggling with a lack of food and drinking water, shelter, and medications. Hundreds of thousands remain homeless and hungry.

The water situation is also grave. Out of desperation, many people are being poisoned by drinking contaminated well water, which has infiltrated the wells.

Additionally, many roads and railways under water, making transportation and delivering supplies difficult to impossible.

Another tragic situation in this already overcrowded nation involves the migration of the Rohingya people fleeing from Myanmar due to religious persecution.

Our partners in South Asia, along with our Mercy, Inc, ministry, visited several Rohingya refugee camps last week. Cindy described the situation as “one of the most heartbreaking places I have ever witnessed!” Reports estimate that more than 68 percent of the women and young girls have been raped, and thousands upon thousands have been brutally murdered!!

They’re living in tarp cities with mud floors. The Rohingya people are suffering with much sickness. Our partners are providing clean water and rice, along with some medical help, but so much more help is needed! Please pray what you can do for these people!

Our partners in South Asia have the capacity to do more for the victims with your help. Would you consider donating to our relief fund to help provide life-saving supplies?

Give here today to help flood victims, #408239.

To donate to the Rohingya people online, click here and type: #408246, Rohingya Refugee Relief Fund.

To give by check to either project, send to:

One Mission Society

PO Box 1648

Monument, CO 80132

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Flooding in South Asia

August 20 2014

Important News from Our Partners in South Asia

A devastating flood has hit the northern region of South Asia. Increased flooding, due to heavy rainfall, continues. Already, more than two million people are homeless …many marooned, having lost all they own. Many thousands more are in need of food.

One Mission Society desires to come alongside our ministry partners there to help these flood victims survive this dire situation. We currently have 324 OMS-related churches with 12,000+ people in serious danger. We want to extend relief to at least 1,000 affected families through donations of food, clothing, and medicinal supplies.

You can help provide for one family with a gift of $45.00, which covers the cost of: a 20 kilogram (kg) bag of rice, a 2 kg bag of lentils, a 1 kg bag of flour, a 2 kg bag of salt, a 1 kg block of jiggery (unrefined sugar), 1 saree (for women), 1 lungi (for men), and basic medications, as needed. Our ministry team in South Asia is ready to purchase and distribute these life-saving necessities in the name of Jesus.

Your prayers and generous giving will save thousands of lives.

To donate to the South Asia flood relief project #403300-148102, mail a check today to: One Mission Society * PO Box 1648 * Monument, CO 80132-1648, or give now through our secure website. Just include the project number … and a prayer that your donation will touch many lives.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Any amount will help the thousands suffering.

Don Saum

Director of International Support Ministries

One Mission Society

If you can questions, you may contact Don at or 317.888.3333, ext. 308.

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