​Billion.Global Vision Update

June 22 2018

At the OMS conference in July 2016, President Bob Fetherlin launched the Billion.Global Vision (formerly called the One Billion – One Opportunity Vision), with the goal of giving one billion people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ over a 10-year period.

Now, two years into the 10-year goal, we have 113 partners working together to reach more than 11 ½ million people so far. We have a long way to go but are excited about the momentum we have and look forward to seeing God multiplying Gospel-sharing opportunities.

Why a billion people you might ask? Currently, there are about 7.3 billion people in the world. 2 out of every 3 people or about 4.9 billion people do not consider themselves a Christian. 47 percent of those non-Christians have little or no access to the Gospel, which means 2.3 billion people have not had an opportunity to hear, understand, or believe the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Billion.Global Vision’s coalition coordinator, Dave Oakley, says prayer is the center foundation of the movement. “We want to join alongside one another in order to seek ‘kingdom synergy,’ by creating partnerships and praying for one another to glorify the kingdom of God in the world,” Oakley said.

President Bob Fetherlin is praying for an exponential curve of support within the next couple of months. Billion.Global Vision will have a visible presence at OMS’ biannual missions conference, ILLUMINATE, from June 27-30 in Greenwood, Indiana.

To help make an impact in the Billion.Global Vision effort, you can find more information at www.billion.global. There you or your organization can join the cause or find ways to pray for those who are working to bring the Gospel to one billion people.

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ILLUMINATE 2018: Be the Light Missions Conference

June 22 2018

In a dark and hurting world, we are in need of light! Are you willing to be that light? Come to learn how at One Missions Society’s ILLUMINATE Missions Conference from June 27 – 30. Find out more or register at www.oms.events.

This event will be held at Community Church of Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana, and the theme of the conference will focus on how Christians can demonstrate the love of Jesus by being a light in a dark world.

World-renowned speaker Luis Palau was scheduled to be a keynote speaker but had to cancel earlier this year when he found out he had cancer. Listen to his special message to us HERE. Also, please pray for him, and thank God with us that the Lord provided several other noted speakers such as,Pam Tebow, mother of professional athlete Tim Tebow; Ed Stetzer, executive director of the Billy Graham Center and the interim pastor of Moody Church in Chicago; Stan Key, president of Francis Asbury Society; and many more who will address topics such as human trafficking prevention and modern missionary movements across the globe.

Other highlights of the conference include a pastor appreciation day on June 29 , a 5K Freedom Run at Freedom Park to raise funds for OMS’ international literacy ministry, Bridge to Reading, an interactive vacation Bible school program for kids, dozens of practical workshops, and many networking opportunities to connect with specialized OMS ministries like Men for Missions, Dynamic Women in Missions, HOPE61 (human trafficking prevention), and many more.

We hope to see you there!

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​Be the Light This Summer

February 20 2018

Renewed. Edified. Aware. Excited. These are just a few of the words that participants in the 2016 OMS Illuminate Conference mentioned in response to their experience after attending the event.

Two years have gone by quickly, and once again, it’s time for another OMS conference. June 27-30, 2018, is sure to be another time of connecting with new and old friends; listening to topnotch speakers, participating in challenging, relevant workshops, and engaging in inspiring worship times. Take time to dive into the world of missions as you learn how to be a light to our world.

Canadian Charlotte Kroes attended the last conference, and had this to say, “At Illuminate, I made friends that will continue to influence my life memories to last a lifetime.” If you’re like Charlotte, the conference is a great place to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and network with potential future coworkers.

“Illuminate challenged us to get involved wherever we are, regardless of geography,” Martin Mishler from Kansas shared. It’s quotes like these that encourage others to think outside the box of missions.

Johnny Song traveled all the way from South Korea to attend in 2016. He stated, “I can now bring a wider perspective on missions with me and be able to implement these new insights in my ministry.”

How about you? Would you like to learn to shine?

Do you want to learn more about missions by attending life-changing sessions about preventing human trafficking, modern missionary movements, and harvest fields becoming harvest forces, among other topics? You can register at oms.events … by March 31 for the early-bird discount!

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” ~Matthew 5:14-16.

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Missions Conference Tradition Continues

February 6 2018

The beginning of One Mission Society more than 117 years ago is a remarkable story of God’s divine appointments. In 1901, God laid the foundation of OMS for a worldwide ministry of evangelism, church planting, and leadership training through the providential meeting of Charles and Lettie Cowman and Juji Nakada at a missions convention at Moody Church.

Sitting next to one another, Juji shared the plight of the 57 million Japanese souls waiting to hear about Jesus. Juji’s words gripped Charles’ heart deeply. He later wrote, “I made an unreserved, unconditional, cheerful, and eternal surrender of myself to God.”

More than a century later, OMS continues to offer opportunities for people, just like Charles, to learn more about world missions.

This June, One Mission Society invites you to the OMS Illuminate 2018 international missions conference. This four-day event is your opportunity to dive into the world of missions! Whether you desire to reach people across the globe or in your own backyard, Illuminate 2018 will help you discover your role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Activities include engaging, top-notch speakers; attending your choice of a variety of breakout sessions on topics ranging from preventing human trafficking to steps to sharing your faith; worship times; optional participation in a 5K walk/run, benefitting an OMS ministry; and times of fellowship to connect on a deeper, more personal level. And if you have children, we offer a dynamic program for them as well, including six exciting sessions of energy-filled music, Scripture memory (ESV), power challenges, imaginative crafts, Bible stories, and lessons on missions to grow their missionary hearts.

So, if you are someone interested in learning more about missions, plan now to attend Illuminate 2018 from June 27-30, 2018, at Community Church of Greenwood.

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2018 Illuminate Missions Conference

January 10 2018

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July 8 2016

A Reflection on One Mission Society’s 2016 International Conference

To the unfocused eye, the lights above the auditorium were just flashes of bright yellow against a backdrop of black. But after a few moments, if you let your vision adjust, those lights transformed. Hundreds of single bulbs hung on individual cords, dangling above the heads of the conference members, almost as if they were stars.

Attendees sat in their seats or stood, necks craned and cameras out, as rows of people marching with flags descended down the aisles of the auditorium. More than 30 flags, carried by residents of that country, rippled onto the stage. All the while, a song boomed throughout the auditorium:

“God is on the move, on the move, hallelujah….”

The flag presentation was the opening ceremony to One Mission Society’s (OMS) biennial international conference, Illuminate. Reflected by the conference’s title, this weekend brought hundreds of missionaries, families, and guests from around the world to gather in community and dive into the concept of being a light for Christ in a dark world.

More than 500 people arrived for Illuminate, held on Indiana Wesleyan University’s campus. Each day was packed with programs that centered on that central theme of being a light and illuminating the darkness. Attendees had the opportunity to pray in community for different nations and people groups, participate in break-out sessions, worship with the Hunter Smith Band, listen to four keynote speakers, and enjoy a variety of extra activities.

One of the highlights of the conference was the Illuminate Experience Room, an interactive area where attendees could mingle and do hands-on activities that pulled together the theme of being a light for Christ. Some stood in line to take pictures at the photo booth. Others explored the Illuminate Experience maze, which took people through an almost pitch-black course, lit intermittently by small, orange lights.

Across the weekend, Illuminate also highlighted two OMS ministries that people could donate toward: Bibles for Cuba, a ministry that worked to deliver more Bibles to the Cuban believers, and Bridge to Reading, an international literacy program that tutors students and also brings the Gospel message. Each day, OMS took donations to help fund these programs, and there was even a 5K run for Bridge to Reading that raised awareness and support for the ministry.

Illuminate was also the official launch of OMS’ One Billion-One Opportunity Vision. President Bob Fetherlin presented more about this vision in the opening and closing of the conference. Parallel to OMS’ desire to be a light in a dark world and to reach more people for Christ, Bob shared the vision of giving one billion people one opportunity to hear, understand, and accept the Gospel message over a 10-year period. This calling is disproportionate to OMS, Bob added, but not disproportionate to who God is.

Therefore, part of the plan to step up to the challenge of the One Billion-One Opportunity Vision is to come before God in deep prayer, create partnerships with other organizations, and not only send out OMS missionaries but also people from OMS mission fields themselves. Ultimately, this vision is not a springboard for OMS as an organization, but a step in obedience to follow God’s will in bringing people of all nations to him.

It was only fitting to conclude the weekend, a weekend dedicated to illuminating the darkness, with a commissioning of new OMS missionaries. Under the dangling, star-like auditorium lights, people gathered in clusters around each missionary individual or family. They bowed their heads and reached out to lay hands on those who were being sent out. The new missionaries, covered in the hands of the OMS family, were the first to be commissioned under the new One Billion-One Opportunity Vision, but they are certainly not the last.

With the launch of the One Billion-One Opportunity Vision and the commissioning of the new missionaries, the Illuminate attendees dispersed back across the world on Sunday. The opening ceremony flags were rolled up and stored on a truck. As a final note, a torrent of rain and thunder barreled down once staff and volunteers threw the last of the supplies onto the loading truck. But the spirit of the weekend, the excitement of the new vision, and the mission to be lights in a dark world couldn’t be snuffed out.

To see more highlights of Illuminate, visit http://www.onemissionsociety.org

By Jess Mitchell, summer communications intern

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​God Was at Our Conference

July 30 2014

The One Mission Society International Conference feels like forever ago (held on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University from July 10-13). It was an amazing four days of worship and fellowship, but it took a lot of people to make it happen. And though conference went by without any problems (at least, that you’ll ever know about!), it wasn’t the success of conference that made it memorable. The details that seemed so overwhelming leading up to conference paled in comparison to the overwhelming power that was felt there.

God was at our conference.

He was there at the very beginning as we started the conference by praising God for the doors he has opened for One Mission Society. As the song “Hallelujah to the Lamb” was being played over the house speakers, flags of the countries in which we serve were carried up the aisle by missionaries who have served or are serving in that country. The flag ceremony served not only as a great reminder of our abundant blessings, but also as a prelude for a powerful extended weekend.

Thursday evening continued with Eric Simpson, an Indianapolis pastor and the Indianapolis Colts chaplain, delivering a challenging message. Inspired by the story of Caleb in the Old Testament, Eric pleaded with us to finish our faith strong. He asked us what it was going to take our faith to gain strength even as our bodies weaken with age. The “retirement concept is much more North American than it is this,” he said as he held his Bible in the air. As the service closed and Eric’s challenge lingered, tears fell down and prayers went up all around the large auditorium.

God was at our conference.

The next night, newly-appointed OMS President Bob Fetherlin asked us if we were overwhelmed by God. Are we overwhelmed by creation? By the incarnation? By the resurrection? Our God is an awesome God. After he spoke, we stood and worshiped our God, who is worthy of all praise, and we were reminded of what it meant to be overwhelmed.

God was at our conference.

Throughout the week, we heard answered prayers and prayer requests from our missionaries. We heard about the work that God is doing through his people in several nations. As they shared their stories with us, our missionaries also shared their passion, and it was contagious.

God was at our conference.

Our children alone raised enough money for two homes for the Bon Repos site in Haiti. In just 3 days, they collected more than $10,000. For some of them, however, two homes were not enough. They might have left the conference with their families that Sunday, but many of them took away a heart for the people of Haiti and the courage to help them.

God was at our conference.

Throughout the conversations and the receptions, we shared stories of what God has done and what we can’t wait to see him do next. God has been with One Mission Society every step of the way, and looking back at what he has done, we praise him for his presence and his power. And now looking back at our conference, we praise him again because … HE was at our conference.

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