​Hannah’s Heart for Haiti

July 16 2014

“Would you like to help build a house in Haiti?” Eager-eyed children at One Mission Society’s International Conference asked that question or a similar one of me this past weekend. How could I say no? All the cash I brought with me was wiped out by the first night! If you recall, the OMS blog has mentioned the Homes for Haiti Bon Repos project several times before the conference. Well, the kids attending the conference embraced the challenge of finding donors who would help cover the cost of construction, specifically the concrete blocks. For just $6.00, I could purchase one block for a home; and I bought a few and so did many other attendees of the conference. The children raised enough money in three days to build TWO homes; that is $10,128.75! That is amazing!

What is even more amazing is one young girl, Hannah, alone raised nearly enough to build one home (with the help of matching funds). Hannah is an MK (missionary kid) who lived in Haiti, but though she has moved back to the States, her heart has been broken for Haiti. The day after the conference, her mom found her in their home office looking at a photo of the Bon Repos project hanging on the wall. The longing to help the poorest of the poor had lingered into a new week. Her eyes studied the project, trying to decide which house she wanted to be a part of constructing, once she gets a team formed. Hannah does not plan to end with just building a home; she intends to raise more money to build more homes. Her mom shared Hannah’s vision with us, “If I had courage, and was brave enough at conference, and we raised $10,000 in three days, I know I can do more if I go and speak to the church, family, and friends, or anyone else who will listen.” Even in her reflections of the conference, Hannah saw the joint effort of all the kids monies combined, not focused on the money she raised singlehandedly.

Hannah is aware of the need in Haiti, and she could have settled with “awareness.” However, her engaged heart has forged a burning passion to do something about it. Has Hannah’s heart for Haiti touched your heart?

It is not too late to give. The Bon Repos project still needs to raise more than $100,000 to complete the community for Haitians who have nothing. Go to http://www.onemissionsociety.org/give/bon-repos and click on “Give Now” to engage your heart just like Hannah’s heart for Haiti.

By Beth Jordal – Communications, One Mission Society

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The House That Love Built

May 22 2014

Editor's note: This is based on the Mother Goose nursery rhyme entitled "This is the House That Jack Built."

Bon Repos means “Good Rest” in Creole. This is an ongoing project for Men for Missions. Teams from all over the world are helping to build 30 homes for the poorest of the poor in Haiti. However, the Homes for Haiti project is more than just building homes, it is sharing the love of Jesus with the Haitian people who help with construction. It is a love for Jesus that compels Men for Missions to mobilize teams of laypersons to go to Haiti and turn lumber and concrete into homes built with love.

Carl Poynter, a regional director for Men for Missions, recently returned from Haiti. In his recent prayer letter to supporters he said, “As we shared morning devotionals with the Haitian crew we worked with, two men made a decision to accept Christ into their hearts; this was the greatest blessing of our trip.”

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your hands and heart to build a house with love for the poorest of the poor in Haiti?

If you would like more information about the Bon Repos project in order to serve or give financially, go to http://www.onemissionsociety.org/give/bon-repos

By Beth Jordal, OMS Communications

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