​Scared But Happy: A letter from a new seminary student at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia

February 5 2019

Beloved pastor and friend,

I wanted to write to tell you about the beginning of the adventure at Colombia Biblical Seminary.

It is hard to believe that God can use me. I have felt that I am not capable or worthy, but the devotionals we heard during orientation reminded me of some things:

  • God called me and he is not going to change his mind now.
  • I am a disciple who will not stop learning from the Master; my main call is to have an intimate relationship with the Lord.
  • The fact of being called does not guarantee that it ends well, so I must be more careful of what I do.
  • The key word of both devotionals was called, and that has encouraged and motivated me to continue believing that God brought us here to fulfill his purpose in our lives and in that of the church.

They have a student welfare program that is very focused on giving us holistic formation. There are sports, health, recreation, and cultural activities. It’s good to know that we will have a life apart from academics. I was surprised to learn that the seminary not only trains in theological aspects, but it also forms in us the social, physical, mental, and relational aspect.

They want us to be good at what we do AND who we are! We must learn to read in English (another surprise), volunteer a certain number of hours of service per semester, participate in research projects with professors, make the library "our second home," devote about five hours per day to study outside the classroom, do ministerial practice in a church, and take extreme care not to commit plagiarism or cheat on exams or assignments, which is great, but I fear messing up accidentally. Bottom line, the level of excellence that they expect is greater than I anticipated.

I must confess that I like it but am afraid. I am not afraid of the challenges, after all, we wanted to be trained as well as possible, to get out of our “comfort zone” and into the “growth zone,” but a few things have me worried. For example, I do not read well in English, I don’t know how to type, and I am not great with time management. So much goes through the mind; I really hope to live up to what God wants and what the church expects from us. I feel like a first-time father, scared but happy!

I am grateful to God, to the church, and to you. To God, it is a joy to know that I am called by him and to know he will sustain and keep us. To the church, it is a privilege and a great responsibility to be the first missionaries sent and supported by her. To you, my pastor, thank you for believing in us, supporting us amid our own doubts, and expressing love and care as no other pastor has done for me before. You are a friend and example to follow. Without your support and vision, we could not be here today. Thank you so much. I cannot adequately express my deep gratitude and love for you, your family, and the church.

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Radio 4VEH Celebrates 65th Anniversary

June 2 2015

65th Anniversary: 2 June 1950 - 2 June 2015

By Storly Michel, Station Director, Radio 4VEH

It’s a really special week: we’re celebrating the 65th anniversary of Radio 4VEH and inviting listeners, supporters, and friends to join with us in our anniversary theme: Praise the Lord, let everything that has breath, praise the LORD!

Among the celebrations are:

  • Worship services in honor of 4VEH’s 65th anniversary in Cap-Haitien and among the Haitian evangelical community in New York
  • A soccer match between two top teams in Cap-Haitien (Haitians love soccer!)
  • And we’re launching a new ministry, long-requested by our listeners - 4VEH TV - on a local TV station in Cap-Haitien

On the air, a series of special programs this week includes many calls and comments from listeners—and their stories are thanks to the prayers, financial support, work, and encouragement of so many people who are a part of Radio 4VEH ministry. What better way for us to celebrate together than to share some testimonies from our listeners, for the glory of God and the encouragement of his people.

As we thank God for 65 years, we fix our eyes on the task ahead, as we continue to serve God and the Haitian people as the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti. Happy 65th Anniversary!

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