CPM - Why Make A Plan

August 16 2013

CPM - Why Make A Plan

By God's Grace...

...we will plant 938 new house churches...

...23,750 churches of 8 members per church will be needed...

...saturate Antioquia with 28,000 churches that proclaim the Gospel...

 ...plant 106 new cell churches with 10 members; youth and young adults in the Sierra Oeste region...

...catalyze a CPM that results in multiplying churches; that spills over to the other villages...

...multiplying churches in indigenous Saraguro houses for he glory of God...

...start a movement of rapidly multiplying, healthy indigenous churches in the South Pacific...

...multiply 340 new churches with an average membership of 10; trust God for that movement to send one church planting team back to the home countries of Unreached People Groups in the area...

...start a movement of rapidly "X" churches that are healthy, and run by indigenous movement makers...

...start a movement of rapidly multiplying, healthy, indigenous churches in Panama...

...plant 100 new house churches in Hamilton County...

...so that every Man, Woman, Boy and Girl in _____ has an opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News.

Who will fulfill the great commission? Is God calling you to give financially, go in faith, or pray fervently?

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August 7 2013


I see DOTS! (12 Principles of Church Multiplication)                                   

1. Which of the principles listed below has helped you the most in your ministry so far?

2. Which one of the following principles do you most want to investigate in order to apply it in your context?  

–Fervent Prayer

–Abundant gospel sowing

–Intentional church planting

–Scriptural authority

–Local leadership

–Lay leadership 

–Cell or house churches

–Churches planting churches

–Rapid reproduction 

–Healthy churches

–Rapid incorporation of new believers into the life and ministry of the church

–On-the-job training for church leadership

We see these principles applied in the book of Acts. As we consider the people in our zone of influence, we think about what they will need (the things that only God can provide) in their lives. We pray for God's greatness and love in the lives of these people (Chr. 16). We pray for His ability and willingness to draw lost people to Himself and save them (Mk 9).

And we pray for multitudes to hear the Word of the Lord and for many thousands to come to faith in Jesus and follow him as disciples (Acts 16).

For more information on the 12 principles, click here..

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